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What are the service desk standards?


The performance of a service desk is an indicator of the overall health of an organisation's IT. As well as being a key business function, the service desk enables organisations to thrive. SDI's best practice standards - for both service desks and for IT service professionals - are here to facilitate that process.

SDI sets the best practice standards that all service desks across the globe should strive to meet.

SDI's best practice standards are here to help service desk thrive as they set out clear definitions of what is expected in key service desk roles - Analyst and Manager - and in service desk performance with the Service Desk Certification standards.

The SDI Service Desk Certification Standard

Based on the EFQM model, the globally recognised SDI Service Desk Certification standard is the only best practice standard available. These standards offer a clear and measurable set of benchmark for your service desk operation, many of which are not included in ITIL or ISO/IEC 20000. The nine standards in the excellence model are:

• Leadership
• People
• Policy & Strategy
• Resources
• Process & Procedure
• People Results
• Customer Results
• Society Results
• Key Performance Results

View the Service Desk Certification Standard here.

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The SDI Professional Standards

SDI has also created professional standards for service desk and IT support which set out clear definitions for the key service desk roles of Service Desk Analyst and Service Desk Manager.

These internationally recognised standards provide the basis of all SDI training courses and exams, leading to service desk qualifications that are recognised worldwide.

View the Professional Standards here.


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