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Why Use Our SDR Service?

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The impact of the 'wrong' hire can significantly impact the service potential, perception,and customer satisfaction that your service desk provides, as well as having hidden costs.

This is where SDI's Service Desk Resourcing (SDR) service can help. We are a specialist service desk resourcing service that focusing on finding and attracting the right people, with the right attitude and the right skills to provide your customers with excellent levels of service. 

SDR is in a unique position of being a part of SDI! We benchmark, train, audit and certify service desks from around the world. As such we have pulled together a brilliant network of handpicked recruiters, who like us, not only understand the challenges you are facing but also have a passion for finding brilliant team members for service desks.

SDR offers a lot of benefits to you, which include:

  • We listen to what you want and to fully understand your needs
  • We have an in-depth knowledge of the industry
  • An amazing network of recruiters all working to find you a brilliant new member of your team
  • Bringing in the right people with the right skills. 
  • Saves you precious time and effort when recruiting for your service desk.
  • Cost saving opportunity against true cost of employment.


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Be Involved

  • Service Desk Training

    Service Desk Analyst

    08 - 10 May, Leeds

  • Service Desk Training

    Senior Analyst to Team Leader

    15 - 16 May, Birmingham

  • Service Desk Training

    Service Desk Manager

    15 - 18 May, Kent

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