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SDI's Live Virtual Classroom

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          Service Desk Manager     03 - 06 July 2017 Red Checkout

*These courses will be spread out over a number of days taking place every Friday for either 3 or 4 weeks*

Be Involved

  • Service Desk Training

    Service Desk Analyst

    01 - 03 March, Birmingham

  • Service Desk Training

    Service Desk Analyst

    06 - 08 March, Kent

  • Service Desk Training

    Service Desk Manager

    10 - 13 March, Manchester

Delegates Say:

      "I really enjoyed the virtual aspect of the course and the white board and chat sessions were a good feature"
      "Virtual courses take away the travelling which was a real bonus"

Virtual Training

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      Always wanted to become a qualified SDI Service Desk Manager or Service Desk Analyst but could never find a course in a location near you?  Now you can!   

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