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Why study with SDI?


SDI's learning and development is the choice of many of the world's most successful service desks.

Why is that?

The Industry Thought Lead

SDI is in a unique position as the creators of the professional standards that all of SDI's qualification courses and workshops are built on. Download the Service Desk Manager and Service Desk Analyst standards to find out more.

The Best Trainers


All of our courses are taught by extremely experienced and sought after tutors who combine real-life hands-on service desk knowledge and experience with the latest learning techniques.

Small Group Sizes


Training course sizes are optimised to allow a high level of interaction, peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing.

Add Value To Your Career


SDI's unique set of courses will make a real difference to your career and your CV whether you're an analyst, a team leader, manager or responsible for an entire IT service department.

World Recognised Industry


There's only one way to guarantee to an IT service employer that you're more capable and brilliant than the next candidate and that's to hold a recognised, professional SDI Service Desk Manager or Service Desk Analyst qualification.

Learning Environments To


To help learn in a way that suits you offers many options including courses, workshops, webinars, events and virtual classrooms. Wherever you are located in the world there is something to suit you.

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Be Involved

  • Service Desk Training

    Service Desk Analyst

    12 - 14 June, Kent

  • Service Desk Training

    Service Desk Analyst

    12 - 14 June, Kent

  • Service Desk Training

    Service Desk Manager

    12 - 15 June, Birmingham

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