Mental Health Has A Brand Problem

Posted on Monday 24 February 2020.

By Rob Stephenson, a global mental health campaigner and keynote speaker    Stop for a second and think of the words “mental health”. Go on, do it now. What images do you have in your head? Are you thinking of people with their head in their hands? People who are in distress? Family members who

The Metrics Hierarchy in IT Service & Support 

Posted on Monday 17 February 2020.

by Jeff Rumburg, MetricNet   The Metrics Hierarchy – Your Guide To Getting Started   Today’s service and support technologies make it easy to capture copious amounts of performance data.  Most IT service desk managers can tell you everything from last month’s ticket volume to yesterday’s average handle time.  But despite all the data that service desk managers have

Preparing for the Service Desk of the Future

Posted on Monday 10 February 2020.

Scarlett Bayes, Senior Research Analyst, The Service Desk Institute.  Technology is omni-present, both in our work lives and our personal lives. Some would say we’re in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, and technology is evolving and developing every day. With 65% of service desk professionals believing they’ll use more Chatbot and Virtual Agent

Leadership Skills for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Posted on Thursday 6 February 2020.

Jean-Christophe Trentinella, Consultant, Mindful Onwards  In preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the World Economic Forum published a report in 2018 titled “The Future of Jobs: Employment, Skills and Workforce Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Drafted as a call to action to help governments, businesses, and individuals adapt their skillset for the future, the

Is Imposter Syndrome real?

Posted on Monday 27 January 2020.

Gillian Jones-Williams, Managing Director, Emerge Consultancy. Gillian Jones-Williams is Managing Director of Emerge Consultancy Limited which she founded over 25 years ago.  She is also an author, motivational speaker, Master Accredited Coach and founder of the trademarked Women’s Development Programme RISE which she delivers in the UK and the Middle East.  Is Imposter Syndrome real?

Ten Questions to Ask a Storyteller

Posted on Wednesday 22 January 2020.

By Vikki Kirby, Chief Storyteller at Vibrato Consulting© Recently, a communications consultant told me how the big four consultancy company leading her organisation’s transformation chose to bring in their own storyteller to identify and manage core purpose messaging. She was frustrated that she then had to re-write what he came up with. She isn’t the

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