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Creating A Customer Led Service Strategy – 12 February 2019

Thank you for attending our event in London and contributing to the discussions.

We had a fantastic day listening to stories from our speakers, insight from our sponsors and thoughtful input from everyone in the room, hosted by SDI’s Tessa Troubridge in the Hallam Conference Centre.

If you’d like to revisit any of the speakers’ content you can download the presentations below:

  Lynne Nash, SDI

  Dominic Potts, Inmarsat

  Sami Kallio, HappySignals

  Adam Haylock, ServiceNow

  Paulina Wieczerza & Jonathan Gilbert, Dunelm

  Amal Lad, Sofigate

  Dean Underwood, Virgin Trains 


Workshop Feedback:

Customer engagement

  • Face to face customer engagement where applicable
  • Keep it simple

Managing feedback

  • Centralise and simplify the feedback channels and improvements process
  • Highlight improvements to customer based on persona or line of business
  • Measure the improvements

Business relationship management

  • Regularly ask the customer what their ‘pain points’ are
  • More regular reviews
  • Addressing and analysing fear through engagement
  • Frequent communication
  • More frequent iterations (doing something about what the customer wants)


  • Technical vs customer experience
  • Understanding the business
  • Truth and mistrust transparency
  • Produce a mission statement – questions you can ask, metrics

Customer journey mapping

  • Identifying personas of users
  • Develop user stories
  • Identify all input channels
  • Understanding user locations vs demand and services
  • Identify the required services through feedback or use user stories from previous development

Service design

  • Customer experience loves groups – what do the customers actually need/ want and why?
  • This can change across different persona types i.e. salesm scientists, manufacturing staff
  • SDI – what is best practice, focus on group outputs

Service desk strategy

  • Evaluate your success metrics
  • Deliver an engaging strategy back to the team
  • Engage with business areas that affect change
  • Be transparent with your strategy and take on feedback
  • Use customer experience level agreements instead of SLAs














Thank you to our event sponsors:


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