Best Automation Project 2020

About the Award

Until now IT support has typically been a reactive proposition and, with the complexities of delivering IT services combined with low value repetitive work, it is becoming very clear that the reactive approach is no longer meeting the needs of life in the 21st century.

Service automation, machine learning, predictive prevention and assisted selfservice are catapulting IT service delivery into the fourth industrial revolution and enabling support teams to work in new ways, using new skills and developing techniques to meet the ever-changing needs of their organisations and customers.

From new support channels complimenting the traditional support channels, to the shift in support focus to innovating and automating, rather than firefighting, we continue to see more and more examples of service desks

exploring and harnessing new capabilities such as robotic process automation, service bots, virtual assistants and event driven automation frameworks; all of which support the creation of proactive and predictive service operations.

This award was introduced to recognise the shifting role of IT service and to give service desks the opportunity showcase the industry’s best service automation projects and be recognised for their achievements in taking service forward into industry 4.0.

What the Judges Look For

The award will focus on the approach being taken to automating services, how this fits with the goals of the organisation, how technologies have been used to help them achieve their goals and the positive impact this has on efficiency and productivity. Judges will look at the success of the project from an employee and customer viewpoint.

Entries Now Open

winners announced in...

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