DevOps In The ITSM Industry

Posted on Tuesday 15 November 2016.

DevOps has become a key component of any ITSM agenda. The marketed benefits and value of following a DevOps approach make the prospect of shaking up enterprise IT a tantalising idea. For many service desks, DevOps offers the opportunity to bring greater collaboration to IT teams and, as a result, provide more value to the business and improved service to customers.

For other service desks, however, it has simply been a buzzword with limited value to their operations. The raft of opinions over the best way to adopt a DevOps approach, who the primary stakeholders should be, and what investment is required have blurred the decision for many organisations. Understandably, the complex change that is moving to a DevOps approach has also deterred organisations or shifted the outcome far from the overhaul initially planned. This report aims to uncover how DevOps is perceived in the ITSM industry and match this up with the results achieved in organisations that have adopted the approach.

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