Ramp Up – Deliver ESM Not ITSM

Enterprise Service Management – ESM – is well and truly here!

Employees and customers want a frictionless online experience where they can easily request and consume services regardless of what business unit delivers that service. Traditionally, IT departments provided self-service portals or catalogs that offered services provided by IT. Nowadays, organisations are expanding what’s available to include the services offered by Human resources, Facilities, Legal and other service providers.

Not only does ESM aim to provide a great customer and employee experience across all functions, it drives efficiencies through standardization, automation, improved collaboration and increased ROI on existing technology.

With the ITSM lifecycle containing all the necessary components required for a successful ESM program, IT departments are perfectly positioned to guide the organization towards ESM adoption and improvement. In addition, many ITSM tools lend themselves to supporting non-IT services. If you’ve not already adopted an ESM approach, what is stopping you? It’s easier than you think.

This webinar covers:

· Moving from ITSM to ESM

· What world-class self-service looks like

· What challenges to prepare for

· How to get started


Eileen O’Mahony, General Manager, WM Promus

Watch the webinar recording:

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