The State Of Service Desk Strategy

Posted on Wednesday 10 April 2019.

Download SDI’s latest research report: ‘The State of Service Desk Strategy’


Establishing a service strategy is a critical part of service desk operations. It transforms objectives and goals into actionable plans and processes.



The Service Desk Institute (SDI) recently surveyed mid-level and enterprise service desks to learn how different service teams:


* Assign responsibility for service desk strategy

* Update their strategy to align with business goals

* Communicate their strategy to other parts of the business



The author of this report is SDI’s Industry Analyst Scarlett Bayes. Scarlett is dedicated to providing insightful and practical research to the service desk industry through investigating trends, analysing data and engaging with the IT service community.


The key findings in this report are:

Customer experience was specified as the main influence on service desk strategy, with 79% of respondents highlighting it as one of the top 3 influences. 40% of respondents stated it was their most influential factor. This shows that service desks are placing the customer at the centre of their service and are aiming to provide a service which meets their customer’s needs. Continuing the focus on the people aspect of ITSM, employee development emerged as the second most influential factor when creating a service desk strategy – 53% of respondents rated this first and second most important to their service desk’s strategy.”


Download your free copy of the full report to see how the rest of the industry implements service strategy.

Download Report - State Of Service Desk Strategy


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