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The Latest Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desk

The Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desk (Best Practice Standard)

One of the best tools we offer that you can use to map your own improvement journey is the globally recognised Best Practice Standard. The Best Practice Standard is designed to look closely at all aspects of the service desk operation including management, customer service, resources, tools, training, strategy and continual service improvement. By benchmarking your service against the criteria in each of the nine concepts, you can give your service a baseline from which to measure future improvements or changes.  The Best Practice Standard provides a clear and measurable set of benchmarks for your service desk operation, many of which are not included in ISO/IEC 20000.
The Best Practice Standard also forms the basis of the Service Desk Certification (SDC) programme, the only globally recognised industry based accreditation programme specifically designed to certify service desk quality. For any questions you may have about the SDC programme, please feel free to contact us using the form on this page.

Download your free copy of the full Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desk Version 8:

You will still be able to download the previous Best Practice Standard (Version 7) until the end of 2019

Service Desk Software And The Standard – Performance Results Reporting Compliance

Service desk software providers can also apply to have their tool’s reporting capabilities audited against the ‘Managing Information & Performance Results’ section of the Best Practice Standard. This is to verify whether their tool is compliant with the metrics reporting criteria and if they have achieved SDI compliance.

Free online SDC Taster

Benchmark your service against the Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desk with this online performance assessment
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