The Self Evaluation Tool For IT Services

Fuel your service improvement journey and drive success forward by gaining valuable insight into your service performance. Receive a personalized report to help plan the most practical and valuable next steps to enhance your service.

The Self Evaluation Tool For IT Services

What is the Improvement Engine?

An online self- evaluation tool to provide service desk professionals with a simple to use platform, capable of generating extremely valuable insight relating to the quality and effectiveness of their service provision. Gain insight into:
• What your service currently does well
• What and where you could do better
• Next steps for improving the service delivered to your business and customers.

Who is it for?

The Improvement Engine tool will be valuable to service desks of varying sizes, who range from one or two person desks to multinational corporate desks, including managed service providers. It’s for Service Desk Managers, CIOs, Service Improvement Managers, IT Directors; anyone responsible for overseeing CSI, or general success of an IT Service, and those looking to understand more about how best to support their customers.

What are the benefits?

A fast, straight forward and cost effective way to demonstrate the capabilities of your service.
An up to date and accurate starting point for Continual Service Improvement. 

The report can assist you internally to help in service strategy planning.

Based on the industry leading Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desk.

Use the data provided to drive business decisions forward and support cases for new technology or resources.

 & Report £500

How does it work?

The Improvement Engine’s self-assessment focuses on over 100 key areas that are critical to unlocking and achieving success within any service desk and IT service operation. Each area comprises a maximum of 4 simple, easy to answer questions that the Improvement Engine will use to calculate your service maturity.
All of the key areas have been handpicked by SDI’s team of industry experts, utilizing the ‘Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desk’ framework as a means to assess the service desk or IT service operation effectiveness.
After completing the self-assessment, an organization can expect to instantly receive a comprehensive report that provides an indication of the level of success achieved within the service function. Most importantly, the report will also provide recommendations, suggestions and advice to improve areas that are deemed to be substandard, a catalyst for continual improvement planning.
Many organizations struggle for inspiration on where to start with improvement initiatives and the Improvement Engine is the perfect way to kick start or complement service improvement activities.

What to expect once you have purchased the Improvement Engine Tool:

When purchasing a license to use the Improvement Engine, either online or by telephone, you will be asked to provide the name and email address of the person completing the self-assessment.
Thereafter, that person will receive an automated email providing all the information needed, along with some advice and guidance on how to get the best out of the Improvement Engine. They can also expect to receive a unique URL to access the Improvement Engine tool and begin the self-assessment.

(Full report 20+ pages) 

Report Preview:

 & Report £500


Download Improvement Engine Leaflet >>

Improvement Engine Leaflet

Tips & Advice

Take your time and ensure you are being completely honest and objective when completing the self- evaluation.
Make full use of the customized report you receive. Share the findings with the team and the wider business.
Ask SDI for help, we’re here to help make you even more brilliant! Utilise SDI’s experience and global partner network, if we can’t help solve your issue we will know someone who does know exactly what to do!
Now you’re ready to fire up the Improvement Engine and let it drive your service forward to reach your full potential!
Buy online or call +44 (0)1689 889100 to ask us any questions, you can also purchase over the phone.
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