The Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desk

Version 7

The latest update to the Best Practice Standard (Version 8) is now available! Click the button below to go to Version 8, or enter your details in the form on this page to access Version 7.

Version 7 of the Best Practice Standard was released in 2016. Every three years an international committee comprising industry experts, service management professionals and practitioners review the Best Practice Standard to ensure that it aligns with the needs and demands of the industry.  The Best Practice Standard incorporates ITIL® terminology in order to encourage common language use throughout the industry.

Download your free copy of the full Best Practice Standard Version 7:

Service Desk Software And The Standard – Performance Results Reporting Compliance

Service desk software providers can also apply to have their tool’s reporting capabilities audited against the ‘Managing Information & Performance Results’ section of the Best Practice Standard. This is to verify whether their tool is compliant with the metrics reporting criteria and if they have achieved SDI compliance.
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