At SDI, we pride ourselves on delivering the most engaging and up-to-date service desk training around. Below are a few of the comments and testimonials we’ve so you can see for yourselves what our customers say. Browse our courses here or download the 2018 training calendar.

Claire Kilham, Support Advisor, University of Oxford – In-house Service Desk Analyst Course – May 2018

I have been partially trained as an occupational psychologist so a lot of the human-focused soft skill knowledge was very familiar to me, however I didn’t fully appreciate how crucial this was to put into practice in a service desk context until this course. I feel it has given me the confidence to apply everything 10x better.

The process and technology sections were also very understandable, even though they weren’t as easy to get my head around.

Asta Siautilaite, HRIS Support Officer, University of Oxford – In-house Service Desk Analyst Course – May 2018

Great course, loads of opportunities to ask questions. Overall – enjoyable and informative!

Bobby Aiken, Service Desk Team Leader, Utilize – Senior Analyst to Team Leader Course – March 2018

I had a fantastic two day course with Susan Storey (Im unsure if I can name drop but she was amazing!).

Overall experience was fantastic aswell, the instructor was very engaging and had a well of knowledge from personal experience and was easily relatable.


I got exactly what I and my manager felt I needed to progress as a Team lead and even filled in spots on my knowledge that I had never thought of.

If you are planning to do this course as a Senior Analyst or as an already existing Team Lead; I think it’s nothing but beneficial to have a chance to engage with other Analysts and share experience.

I have taken so much away from this course and continue to refer back to notes taken.

RImperial College Londonussell Meredith, Senior Service Desk Specialist, Imperial College London – Senior Analyst to Team Leader Course – March 2018

Susan is an excellent, engaging and enthusiastic trainer. 

Chris Ferrett, Service Desk Shift Supervisor, UCL – Senior Analyst to Team Leader Course – March 2018

Once again, Susan has provided a knowlegeable experience whilst promoting an engaging & comfortable platform for discussion.

Daniel Hart, Senior Analyst, Babcock International – Senior Analyst to Team Leader Course – March 2018

A very well presented, informative course, provided at a very good venue. 

Kirsty Jarvis, Senior IT Asset and Procurement Administrator, ISG PLC – Senior Analyst to Team Leader Course – March 2018

All the content was very detailed & relevant – it was made easy with interactive elements.

David Williams, ICT Engineer, County Durham Housing Group – Service Desk Analyst Course – March 2018

I’ve been on loads of training over the years and Conrad is the best trainer I’ve ever had.

Rebecca Haskett, 2nd Line Support Analyst, Central England Cooperative – Service Desk Manager Course – March 2018

I really enjoyed the course. Ken was very engaging & helped us to learn by relating real life stories to the syllabus.

Iain Locke, Customer Support Lead, Landmark Information Group – Service Desk Manager Course – March 2018

The course was well structured & Ken was fantastic. Very engaging and informative.

Nick Miley, IT Service Desk Team Leader, Travis Perkins – Service Desk Manager Course – March 2018

The trainer offered an excellent insight to the subject matter at a great pace. I now have confidence to go ahead in my career.

Tom Sheward, Network & Service Desk Manager, St George’s Weybridge – Service Desk Manager Course – February 2018

Lynne’s delivery of the content was engaging & good humoured. It really demonstrated her wealth of experience and how the theories work in practice.

Andrew Briggs, IT Professional, NEWCMI – Virtual Service Desk Analyst Course – February 2018

Everything covered was given the appropriate amount of time allocated to it. Susan was excellent at presenting everything.

Imperial College London
Mylene Cannon, Service Desk Manager, Imperial College London – Service Desk Manager Course – February 2018

Great trainer. It’s nice to have someone who has experience in what she is teaching.

Kathy Whelan, Service Desk Manager, Queen Mary University of London – Service Desk Manager Course – February 2018

This course was well balanced. Lynne is a fantastic trainer, I have learnt a lot.

Dominic Potts, Head of IT End User Engagement, Inmarsat – Maximising Self-Service Adoption Workshop – February 2018

I found Lynne engaging & knowledgeable in this subject. She was very open and direct in giving great feedback on areas that could/should be improved.

Mandy Bates, ICT Hub Manager, Bracknell Forest County Council – Maximising Self-Service Adoption Workshop – February 2018

The course had a good balance of information that showed what is needed to be done to deliver self service & self help. We were encouraged to interact so we could learn from each other.

Owen Barber, Knowledge Analyst, Kier – Maximising Self-Service Adoption Workshop – February 2018

Delivery & content were very good. Information was put across very well and I feel that our questions were answered excellently.

Stefania Tarantino, Service Desk Analyst, Bournemouth University – Virtual Service Desk Analyst Course – February 2018

This course has been a good chance to formalise what I already do & gain a greater understanding of how the service desk works overall & the part I play in that as a service desk analyst. 

I have learnt some new ways to improve my skills when communicating with customers. The group I was in was very friendly & fun and it was great to gain an insight into how other organisations work.

Anthony Watson, Infrastructure Specialist, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust – In-house Effective Service Communication Skills – January 2018

Ken covered everything I expected and more. I really enjoyed the course.

Nilay Vibhani, IM & T Service Desk Analyst, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust – In-house Effective Service Communication Skills – January 2018

The trainer was very knowledgeable and provided great examples from personal experience.

Tom Maher, IM & T Service Desk Manager, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust – In-house Effective Service Communication Skills – January 2018

Ken related all areas of the course to his personal experience in the industry and made the discussions enjoyable and informative.

Adam Payne, UK IT Service Desk Manager & Procurement Manager, Rentokil Initial – Service Desk Manager Course – January 2018

Fantastic trainer with a wealth of knowledge.

Katherine Craddock, Service Desk Support Team Manager, University of Oxford – Service Desk Manager Course – January 2018

This course was fantastic for me as it was exactly the right material to clarify what I’m doing in my job. Lynne is an excellent presenter – very engaging!

Nicole Murray, 1st Line Service Desk Analyst, Waitrose – Service Desk Analyst Course – January 2018

Ken made the course very enjoyable & I would love to attend any of his other courses.

Bradley Bull, Service Desk Analyst, Waitrose – Service Desk Analyst Course – January 2018

Ken made the course enjoyable & easy to learn. He had great methods. The course met and exceeded my expectations.

Chris Murphy, Service Delivery Manager, Hudson Hill Consulting – Service Desk Manager Course – September 2017

Briefly describe your experience

It was a really good experience, everyone on the course was a similar level and so we could relate to each other’s experiences.

Did you get what you wanted out of this course?

Yes I did.

What were the benefits of doing a public course?

The other people on the course. It was what made it such a good experience.

How does / will this service desk training benefit you?

I got lots of ideas of how to implement various things.

Cedric Fernandes, Service Desk Manager, nGeneration – Service Desk Manager Course – September 2017

Briefly describe your experience

My experience was fantastic as it was really like a refresher course as I have done my ITIL and knowing the up to date standards was really good.

Did you get what you wanted out of this course?

Yes indeed, I did get a total insight as to what needs to be changed within the organisation, already was aware of , but got something to back it up now.

What were the benefits of doing a public course?

Public course is worth doing as you get to network with other companies and share experiences within the same domain but different industries.

How does / will this service desk training benefit you?

It has benefitted me in a way where the aim and vision to get our Service Desk accredited, will be on the road map with regards to our strategic planning , wherein we can showcase ourselves in line with the Industry Best practices.

Cindy Sikkema-Bridger, Customer Service Co-ordinator, Brett Group – Service Desk Manager Course – August 2017

Briefly describe your experience

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found the course very informative.

Did you get what you wanted out of this course?

I learnt a lot from this course. As well as learning the standards, it gave me more confidence in my current role.

What were the benefits of doing a public course?

It was great to meet other people from different areas, both geographically and sectors of business. It was a chance to discuss different ideas and opinions.

How does / will this service desk training benefit you?

I am in charge of an outsourced service desk. This course gave me valuable information which helps me understand how they work and why they may do certain processes and procedures. I feel that I am more in tune with what they do and how they do it, helping us work together.

Jak Osman, 1st Line Service Desk Analyst, Pinnacle Group – Service Desk Analyst Course – April 2017

Briefly describe your experience

The course was a fantastic experience – a great opportunity to meet technicians from all over, with a wide range of different experiences that I can bring back to my own office, alongside the important standards taught by the course. 

Did you get what you wanted out of this course?

Most certainly. I took on the SDI: SDA course with the high hopes of walking away with a new, recognised qualification, and that’s exactly what I got. 

What were the benefits of doing a public course?

The main benefit was the presence of other people – I met people from all walks of life, and from a wide range of different IT environments, who all brought their own tales and expertise to the table, overall giving all of us a much better experience. 

How does / will this service desk training benefit you?

I’m in the process of climbing the ladder in the IT service desk, so this will definitely benefit me in the coming future. 

Thomas Plant, Service Desk Team Leader, University Hospitals Morecambe Bay NHS Trust – Service Desk Manager Course – September 2017 Image result for University Hospitals Morecambe Bay NHS Trust

Briefly describe your experience

I found my experience very enjoyable and informative. Not only was it good for the things I was taught and learnt, it was also good for networking and hearing other people’s perspectives on the same thing.

Did you get what you wanted out of this course?

I did get what I wanted, I saw the Service Desk from a different angle and managed to see things I was currently doing that I could do better and things I wasn’t currently doing that I should be doing.

What were the benefits of doing a public course?

As previously mentioned, the main benefits of doing a public course was networking with others in the same industry and hearing their  problems that they go through.

How does / will this service desk training benefit you?

It will help me to be the best leader I can. I believe I have a very talented pool of individuals on my Service Desk and with correct leadership I think we can provide a great service to our customers.

Michael Bowditch, Service Desk Manager, UK Shared Business Services Ltd – Service Desk Manager Course – April 2017 UK Shared Business Services Logo

Briefly describe your experience

I really enjoyed the course and learnt a great deal from it. The trainer (Carla Thornley) was excellent and she taught me a lot and made it all make sense by using examples from her working life to help me.

I am new to service desk management and she has helped me grow a lot in the role and I will be forever grateful. I could not praise her enough and I hope she gets this passed on to her!

Did you get what you wanted out of this course?

When being booked on the course I was unsure what I would get out of it but I gained a lot more than I could have imagined. I don’t think there is anything else that could have made the course any better and I would like to thank everyone involved for the help they have given me. 

In the future I would like to get the whole team on the analyst course. 

What were the benefits of doing a public course?

The fact that there was a few other like-minded people on the course really helped and we gelled very well and shared our experiences. We had a small group of 4 which possibly helped with the learning.

How does / will this service desk training benefit you?

I have started using the new skills on the desk and it’s really improving things and the way I deal with problems. It has taught me how to get the team working better and to be able to monitor workloads in many different ways to improve our service.

Kiran Sehemby, Senior Support Desk Analyst, ESOS Ltd – Senior Analyst to Team Leader Workshop – May 2017 Esos Logo

Briefly describe your experience

It was very useful meeting other service desks and listening to their experiences. The trainer, Susan Storey, was great, so helpful and I got a clear understanding of ideas and how we should implement things for the team.

Susan was happy to answer any queries and gave great responses. The team building exercises were brilliant, as we will be implementing them into our Support Desk.

Did you get what you wanted out of this course?

100% – it was a very useful course.

What were the benefits of doing a public course?

Meeting other Support Desks and discussing ideas, going through how to improve the team.

How does / will this service desk training benefit you?

We are currently taking part in the SDI accreditation and I was able to go back and provide new ideas to my Manager for the Team.

Susan was a great teacher. Insightful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic! 

Haaris Mohammed, Principle Technical Support Analyst, LSBU

Susan was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the course and presented it very well.

Chris Mills, Senior Team Lead, Veolia

A wonderfully passionate & enthusiastic presentation, personality and execution of the course. I will implement much of what I’ve learnt and use it to encourage my team.

Stephen Alexander, Service Desk Analyst, Audatex

I enjoyed Susan’s delivery, it made the course very enjoyable.

John Mackey, IT Service Delivery Analyst, Aggreko (UK) Ltd)

I was pleasantly surprised as to how well the training course was whilst at the SDI training centre. The trainer Sue Storey was fantastic and definitely kept us engaged throughout the training course. The quality of the information delivered out to us was very informational, direct and straight to the point with good explanations. I would not hesitate in coming back for further training course if the opportunity was to arise.

I came to the course with an open mind and thought to myself I would pick up as much information as possible. The course was very informative and actually did deliver on the promises beforehand. It gave a good insight into what management is and what the inner workings would be.’

It is definitely a lot more engaging doing a public course. We were also able to come away with different ideas from different people in very different industries and organisations. This has benefited me because we are in the process off attempting to implement SDI methodologies, hopefully with a strong ITIL framework for us to run our service desk/support centre.

Rahul Chauhan, Service Desk Team Leader, Next 

The course is informative, interesting and fun. The trainer, in this case was full of real life experience which brought the subject matter to life.

I learned tons of theory, which I have been putting into practice. I have found the handbook issued during the course an invaluable reference guide and find myself reaching for it often. Not only that I’ve got a shiny badge (I passed!!!) to wear on my lapel now, I do love a bit of bling. For me it’s really important to meet peers form other organisations, to swap ideas and experiences, so attending a public course is vital to keeping ideas fresh back at “the Ranch”

I’ve already put some of the ideas into practice that I picked up from the course, (the Comms Plan) and as a Manager you tend to spend so much time thinking about developing other, that you tend to forget about your own needs. As soon as I got back I engaged with a member of senior Management to ask if they would be my “career Coach”. Happily they agreed and I’m having regular meetings to looking into how to develop my own talents and skills. 

I’d just like to leave some feedback about Ken Goff. Ken made the whole course come alive with his life and business experience. He is a natural orator and entertainer. He is engaging and informative, and what he has forgotten about ITSM is really not worth knowing, in terms of delivering the content he was brilliant. I still think about the stories of “The Pru”, when thinking about particular issues in my own organisation. It’s a bit “WWKD” (What would Ken do?)

Louise Potts, Service Desk Team Leader, Babcock International Group

I am a Service Desk team leader and have worked on the Service Desk for seven years. The course gave me good practical knowledge on Service Desk Management as well a qualification upon successful completion of the exam taken. Working with other like-minded colleagues from similar and different environments was brilliant. It was great hearing their stories of how things run in their organisations. We can all learn from each other and I certainly took away ideas to implement back where I work. 

The course increased my knowledge of the Service Desk, Function and operations, Leadership and management techniques, Networking, increased confidence in Service Desk team leadership and management and Strategic planning.’

Craig Robson, Incident & Change Manager, University of Portsmouth

Our operations is different from a regular call-center and part of the training was not applicable to our workflows. Still, the goal was to expand the overall view of the support service and this was achieved. In-house training to 10+ people is economically reasonable for us. This is the reason we chose that option. The feedback from my team was very positive and even if the training was intense they really enjoyed it. Therefore, a big “Thank you!” to Lynne Nash. 

Hopefully the mindset of the people who participated in the training will change and they will bring new ideas and improvements to the overall support process. The customer satisfaction should grow with that and our quality improves.

Teet Saar, Tech Support Manager, Playtech

Jo Johns was a fantastic tutor and very knowledgeable about all things SDI, it opened my eyes and I made some great contacts from other professionals like myself.

Daniel Liot, Assistant Manager, Standard Bank Offshore

Just spent a very valuable two days at SDI in Orpington, Kent on the Senior Analyst to Team Leader course. I would like to thank our trainer Sally for her energy, enthusiasm and wisdom and all the other people on the course. Everyone shared great insights and I would highly recommend this course.

Lee Stewart, Senior Service Analyst, Babcock International Group

It was great to receive the good news (provisionally), but the biggest thing  I take from this is the benchmark of where we are and how we can proceed further. Your helpful suggestions for how we can progress have all been noted and I spent the weekend looking at these ideas, and importantly, where I am delegating these. One striking thing that hit me over the weekend, 18 months ago I took on this role knowing very little about a Service Desk, let alone how a Service Desk should run, the past 18 months have been a very steep learning curve and a lot of hard work, but Friday made it all worthwhile. Hearing the positive comments about me from my Team was also nice to hear, especially in light of the volume of change we’ve went through. It hasn’t always been easy, but I am lucky to have a Team of good people.

Having spoken with Team Members on Friday afternoon, and more so this morning, it’s clear that as a Team we have gained more than just an audit outcome. One of the big-wins has been the recognition it gives us – it’s an easy job to do, but a hard job to do well!! It was especially noticeable that nobody came in this morning with a ‘Monday Morning’ look about them 🙂 (which is a look some still have on a Thursday….) Of course, now that I’m delegating, that probably won’t last 🙂 

Paul Turner, NHS Lothian



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