Proactive problem management identifies, resolves, and prevents problems before they cause service impacting incidents. This approach differs from reactive problem management by recognising patterns of events that suggest an underlying problem, identifying opportunities to prevent future problems and identifying the root cause of a problem upon its first occurrence.  


The course will cover: 

• What proactive problem management is, and is not
• How proactive problem management will help your company
• How to carry out incident trend analysis to assist proactive problem management, and how to make it successful 
• Major problem reviews – what they are and how to successfully conduct them
• Inhibitors of problem management and how to overcome them
• Practical advice on how to ensure your proactive problem management initiatives are a success
• How to incorporate continual service improvement (CSI) in your problem management activities
• How to link problem management with development
• How to monitor efforts and track success


Delivered by itSMF & SDI Associate John Noctor.
About John:
• 30 years experience in the ITSM industry
• ITIL Expert
• Best Practice Consultant
• Service Desk Certification Auditor
• Accredited with Q4IT as a Certified IT Quality Professional and Certified IT Quality Expert.


Who is the course for?
ITSM professionals either looking to get started with problem management or looking to improve their existing efforts. 
Attendees are welcome, and encouraged, to bring their own real-world scenarios for discussion (if they are comfortable with sharing them) 


What are the key benefits of attending?
  • The opportunity to quickly understand the key tenants of proactive problem management, the benefits it can bring to your organisation, and how to get started.
  • The opportunity to learn how to improve the services you currently deliver to your customers based on understanding what is really going wrong. 
  • To learn how to improve your end-user/customer perception of you as a quality service provider.
  • The opportunity to sense check existing company thinking, plans, and decisions in light of industry good practice.


Why do I need proactive problem management? 
Proactive problem management enables your organisation to: 
  • Avoid incidents from occurring in the first place 
  • Reduce IT support workload caused by repeated low priority incidents 
  • Stop wasting money on, and causing business issues through, repeat incidents
  • Incident management alone is not enough, problem management will not only help customers and the service desk, but also your organisation’s CSI activities.


Timings and Breaks
9:00 – 16:30
1 hour lunch break
2 refreshment breaks (15mins each)


etc. venues, Maple House
150 Corporation Street, Birmingham B4 6TB
birmingham map

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