Beyond the Service Desk

Just think what if your company’s employees could easily get answers to all their IT, Facilities, HR, and other service questions in one place? Without having to search for the right channel or person? Today it’s vital that corporate service teams join forces to streamline support across your business, solving problems faster, communicating better, and offering more value to your employees.

Join us for one day of the latest Enterprise Service Management content streamed free online. Let’s be brilliant together as we discuss the importance of converging technology, process, people, and practices and the rise of Enterprise Service Management in the workplace of the future.

Content is live, free, and available to all business service professionals wherever you are in the world. Just complete the form on the registration page to join us live on 30 November 2021.

11.30 PM Welcome with David Wright, Chief Value & Innovation Officer, SDI
11:35 AM Weston J Morris, Director Global Strategy - Digital Workplace Services, Unisys

Exploring “XLA Plus” – XLA Plus OCM, XLA Plus SIAM, XLA Plus HR, XLA Plus CX

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12.05 PM Neil Stephens, Senior Manager, Service Management Office, The LEGO Group

Creating Awesome Experiences for 17,000 Employees

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12.30 PM Aditya Khurana, IT Director, Reckitt

Transforming IT Service Experience

12:55 PM Session by Freshworks
13:15 PM Break
13:30 PM Matthew Twigger, Information Technology Business Partner, DLA Piper

How To Deliver Great Employee Experiences In Global Law Services

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13:55 PM Ian Aitchison, Co-Founder, Enterprise Digital Podcast

What Does the E in ESM Stand For?

14:45 PM David Bullivant, Business Consultancy Manager, Sunrise

Service Management For The ‘New Normal’

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15:00 PM Break
15.15 PM Max Chepsarov, Chief Automation Officer

Bots Are Eating The World

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15:55 PM Sami Kallio, CEO & Co-founder, HappySignals

Human-Centric Experience Management for ESM – How to continuously measure and improve your end-user happiness and productivity?

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16:10 PM Break
16:20 PM Melanie Lougee, Head of Employee Workflow Strategy, ServiceNow

Predicting and Preparing for the Future of Workplace Experiences

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16:45 PM Sam Ellis, Global Director for Employee Experience, Atos

Employee Experience of HR - Where real impact can be made

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17:10 PM David Rose, Service Management Consultant, TOPdesk

How Can We End Silo Working & Create Organisational Synergy?

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17:30 PM Break
17:40 PM Doug Tedder, Principal, Tedder Consulting

Why ITSM Can’t Be Your ESM Approach

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18:05 PM Session speaker coming soon!
18:30 PM Thanks & Close, David Wright, SDI
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Unity 21
Chief Automation Officer at Dentsu

As the first Chief Automation Officer in the digital industry, Max Cheprasov founded the Automation COE at Dentsu in 2017 and armed with the mission of “Elevating Human Potential” in a global organization with 65,000+ employees began the multi-year journey to transform the business using AI and Automation. In the first three years, the COE introduced 300+ unique AI-powered solutions, reducing the dependency on human labor by 500K+ hours annually.

Unity 21
Digital Workplace Services at Unisys Corporation

Responsible for the Global Strategy for Digital Workplace Services at Unisys, Weston is renowned for finding ways to apply disruptive trends to the efficiency and happiness of mobile end users. Today Weston shares how organisations can proactively use Intelligent Workplace Services to support employee needs – so they can focus on what really matters.

Unity 21
Tedder Consulting

Doug is a recognised industry thought leader whose passion is helping IT organisations move from “good” to “great”. Working with progressive IT leaders who are frustrated because IT just isn’t delivering the results their company’s need, his attention to detail, industry knowledge, emotional intelligence, pragmatic approach, and the ability to “see the big picture” and make it actionable has resulted in a track record of success in transforming IT organisations into valued business partners. Doug feels there’s a lack of teamwork and collaboration, not only within the IT organisation, but between IT and the other parts of the organisation it serves. It’s not that these IT organisations don’t have the expertise or capability – in my experience, they usually do – but something prevents them from being truly exceptional. This is where Doug can help.

Unity 21
Information Technology Business Partner at DLA Piper

For over 10 years, Matthew has worked in a variety of roles with the IT department at DLA Piper – a global law firm with 4,200 lawyers in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, with clients ranging from multinational, Global 1000, and Fortune 500 enterprises to emerging companies developing industry-leading technologies. They include more than half of the Fortune 250 and nearly half of the FTSE 350 or their subsidiaries.

More recently, Matt’s experience as Technology Business Partner for the Middle East region has allowed him to get closer than ever to the business, really experience business challenges first hand, and support the internal employee service experience transformation.

Unity 21
Co-Founder Enterprise Digital Podcast

Ian Aitchison is co-host of the Enterprise Digital Podcast sharing thoughts and opinions on the converging worlds of technology, service management, people and management, business and corporate development, governance, automation, and more.

Today Ian will enigmatically be sharing his thoughts on ‘What Does the E in ESM Stand For? with lessons from the Enterprise Digital Podcast about digital transformation and the new world of service management working across the enterprise.

Unity 21
Head of Service Management & Service Desk at the LEGO Group

Neil Stephens is building a world of imagination as Head of Service Management & Service Desk at the LEGO Group. Today Neil shares the LEGO journey towards delivering digital workflows that give great experiences for employees and customers. With a focus is on making work, work better so employees can be productive, wherever they are and get what they need, when they need it, tune in as we find out how Neil does it.

Unity 21
IT Director at Reckitt

Aditya heads up the IT Service Experience Team at Reckitt with the objective of transforming the end-user experience and creating a futuristic AIOps, Cloud foundation which is the basis for digital transformation of the enterprise.

Unity 21
Head of Employee Workflow Strategy at ServiceNow

As VP of Research at Gartner, and currently Head of Employee Workflow Strategy at ServiceNow, Melanie has a wealth of experience in cloud HCM (Human Capital Management) technologies and a specialization in HR Service Management. Over the span of her career, Melanie has led product teams in organizations spanning from start-ups to the Fortune 100, marketed, implemented, and managed enterprise software giving uniquely holistic insights into the factors that ensure both customer satisfaction and company profit.

Unity 21
Global Director for Employee Experience at Atos

Since starting his IT career 20 years ago with IBM Global Services, Sam progressed quickly through global multilingual Service Desk environments, working in Service Desk management positions with large clients such as Exxon Mobil, Boots, and the Arcadia Group.  He then joined the NHS as IT Service Delivery Manager for Yorkshire Ambulance Service before joining Atos in 2007 as UK ITIL Manager. He then became UK Head of Customer Experience in 2009 before moving into HR as Head of Employee Experience and Diversity & Inclusion. He then became a senior HR Business Partner for Northern Europe before becoming Global Head of Employee Experience earlier this year.

Sam is a keen musician, and specialises in classical double bass and Brazilian percussion!

Unity 21
Service Management Consultant, TOPdesk

David Rose is a service management consultant at TOPdesk UK where he leads digital transformation projects and guides customers towards service excellence. He is passionate about encouraging organisations to embrace the benefits of digital technology to enhance their service delivery.

Unity 21
Central Services Operations Director at
VINCI Construction UK

Bio will be updated soon

Unity 21
Business Consultancy Manager at Sunrise Software

As Business Consultancy Manager, David has been with Sunrise for over 15 years.

Established in 1994, Sunrise prides itself on being at the forefront of helping organisations to deliver services and manage business processes. In excess of 1,000 customers of every type and size have purchased Sunrise products, ranging from enterprise-scale Service Management projects through to straightforward Service Desk implementations. Sunrise’s expertise and knowledge gained from working with such diverse clients, in both Public Sector ITSM and Commerce, contributes to their product development and future customer implementations.

Unity 21
CEO at HappySignals Ltd

Sami Kallio is the CEO and co-founder of HappySignals. Before starting HappySignals, he worked as the CEO of Palmu.exe, a service design company. Before that, he was responsible for the service design unit at Tieto Corporation. He believes happiness and productivity are the keys to transforming business IT culture for the better.

Human-Centric Experience Management for ESM – How to continuously measure and improve your end-user happiness and productivity?
Sami Kallio
Sami Kallio, CEO & Co-founder, HappySignals

Service Management functions are often focused on outputs instead of outcomes – doing what was agreed instead of doing what makes the most impact for employees, our customers. To change this culture, we need to measure employee happiness and lost productivity.

In this session, Sami Kallio will explain why understanding how end-users perceive enterprise service quality and where they lose time across all service management touchpoints is vital in delivering services beyond average. By turning this experience data into actionable insights and using it widely in the organization to get a shared understanding about how to provide the most value to your employees.

Employee Experience of HR - Where real impact can be made
Sam Ellis

Sam will explore the pitfalls many organisations make in focusing efforts in the wrong places, and how prioritising areas of accountability and influence can transform employee engagement, encourage better tool and process adoption, save money as well as valuable time and effort.

Creating Awesome Experiences for 17,000 Employees
Neil Stephens
The LEGO Group

Neil Stephens is building a world of imagination as Head of Service Management & Service Desk at the LEGO Group. Today Neil shares the LEGO journey for creating Awesome Experiences for 17,000+ employees. Tune in to learn how Neil and the team implemented Service Management capabilities across HR and Finance and established a customer-centric culture!

Service Management for the ‘new normal’
David Bullivant
Business Consultancy Manager at Sunrise Software

Covid has proven a tipping point for IT & enterprise services adoption. In the new normal, customers’ and employees’ expectations of every service department – IT, HR, Facilities, Finance – are higher than ever. Self-service, collaboration, and seamless integrations are all part of daily life now under a relentless enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Join Sunrise to hear the why, what and how of Service Management for the wider organisation with findings from the recent SDI survey on Support in the Covid era.

Exploring “XLA Plus” – XLA Plus OCM, XLA Plus SIAM, XLA Plus HR, XLA Plus CX
Weston J Morris
Director Global Strategy - Digital Workplace Services, Unisys

Experience level agreements or XLAs are much more meaningful and useful when we expand our focus beyond IT and connect XLAs to these other organisations and programs such as OCM, SIAM, HR, and Customer Experience. In the session, Weston shares his thoughts on employee experience and the importance of integrating an Employee Experience program with other programs such as OCM, SIAM, Customer Experience, and HR. He believes that when all of these converge, we are ‘better together’.

How can organisations end silo working and create organisational synergy?
David Rose
Service Management Consultant, TOPdesk

The high-level goal of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is to eliminate organisational silos. This enables organisations to work towards a common purpose, thereby increasing organisational effectiveness. Recent data has shown that 89% of business leaders within organisations that understand ESM believe it adds value to their organisation. But despite its proven benefits, 46% of organisations still don’t actually understand ESM. So, how can organisations end silo working and adopt the principles of ESM? In this talk, David Rose explains how customers can reap the benefits of ESM and create organisational synergy.

How to deliver great employee experiences in a global Law services firm
Matthew Twigger
DLA Piper

Being a Technology Business Partner allows you to get closer than ever to the business and really experience business challenges firsthand. Today Matthew discusses how DLA Piper has partnered across IT, HR, and other service functions to foster a transformative mindset and deliver great employee experiences. He’ll share their Enterprise Service Management journey so far, the challenges and opportunities of implementing ESM in a law firm, and what the future of service management in a professional services environment will look like.

Bots Are Eating The World
Max Cheprasov
Chief Automation Officer

Remember how software was eating the world a decade ago? Now, give way to the bots powered by AI. Hear from Max Cheprasov why he thinks the future of work will be redefined by employees empowered by the democratization of AI and proliferation of low code / no-code automation platforms, building their own intelligent bots that will eventually “eat” and displace the need for traditional software systems.

The automation of every business process, every decision, and every action will be either influenced by or entirely executed by Artificial Intelligence technologies. And these complex solutions will not be born out of IT groups alone. In fact, the majority of them will be built by the end-users within the business.

Following the keynote, join the live Q&A with Max hosted by David Wright, SDI’s Chief Value & Innovation Officer.

Why ITSM can’t be your ESM approach
Doug Tedder
Tedder Consulting

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is an organizational capability for enabling and delivering value and results, leveraging the capabilities, resources, and competencies of the enterprise.  Many look at ESM as simply extending the service management practices and tools from the IT organization into the enterprise.  But following such an approach will likely not achieve the full value and benefits that good ESM would provide to an organization.

Join Doug Tedder for a thought-provoking – maybe even controversial? – discussion about why ITSM can’t be your ESM approach.

Predicting and Preparing for the Future of Workplace Experiences
Melanie Lougee
Head of Employee Workflow Strategy at ServiceNow

In 2020 and 2021 we came to expect and adapt to meet the unexpected. Now we are able to examine the lessons learned and the trends with staying power to help build the future of the workplace by supporting efficiency, productivity, and fostering positive employee experiences in a hybrid world. In this session we will explore:

  • Emerging workplace trends
  • Preparing for digital, physical, and hybrid work environments
  • The future of the work in 2022 and beyond