SDI offer a complete range of practical support services tailored to your unique service offering. Our combination of industry best practice knowledge, along with over 34 years experience and passion for ITSM, allows us to add value and create tangible results for service desk and support teams across the globe.

Support Services

Carried out virtually, or on-site, SDI Support Services provide a platform for a SDI Senior Managing Consultant to engage with your key service stakeholders. Our Senior Managing Consultant will provide expert advice, support decision making, help drive strategic and operational continual improvement activities, as well as coaching and mentoring opportunities.

SDI supporting services provide a comprehensive, impartial and external viewpoint; offering observations, feedback and guidance related to the service operations and how service operations can be developed. Supporting services are intended to holistically help to identify areas of maturity and success, as well as areas that can be developed and improved. SDI uses Principal Consultant and Senior Managing Consultant level resource to deliver this service.

 tailored, strategic and tactical programme of work to support your organisation and accelerate service improvement outcomes. 

Flexibility is our strength

We can offer a solution for any budget, whether it’s a one-day practical service improvement workshop or a six-month tool selection and implementation project. Our plans are completely adjustable to your organisation. We do this to ensure that your team, budget and goals are always at the forefront of the process, in order to attain the best possible results for service improvement. The plans we offer can focus on any aspect of your service whether that be people, processes, technology, or something else. It’s up to you what improvement area you’d like to focus on and your plan will be tailored to your exact needs.

How does it work?

Think of our consultants as critical friends, helping you to focus on what is important for your organisation and guide you through the implementation of new changes. Our improvement plans can be used to:

• Identify the areas that need the most attention and receive expert recommendations to transform these areas
• Create an actionable road map to support your continual service improvement needs
• Highlight the real value of the IT support and service desk teams to the wider organisation
• Engage with people to support, motivate and empower; inspiring them to take action
• See tangible results and improved metrics… and much more!

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As well as providing experts to support continual improvement in all areas of service management best practice, our partner network also provide a compelling range of consultancy and support services such as; Software asset management (SAM), process automation, peer to peer benchmarking, data analysis, team building, and so much more!

This enables us to support our community and all their needs, with SDI’s trusted promise of quality, professionalism, and value-based outcomes. Let us know your problem, or what you’d like to gain a better understanding of, and we’ll work with you to provide the perfect tailored solution.

Our bespoke service improvement plans can be completely tailored to your unique service goals or challenges.

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