Was Einstein Wrong? Reflections from SDI’s Knowledge Management event

Posted on Wednesday 25 August 2021.

by David Wright, Chief Value & Innovation Officer at Service Desk Institute. Is information knowledge? Albert Einstein’s answer to that question was a resounding no, on the principal that the only source of knowledge is experience. Effectively turning information into knowledge and managing knowledge – its creation, consumption, usage and value – is still a

What can HR, facilities and other internal service teams learn from the geeks in IT?

Posted on Thursday 12 August 2021.

While it may not seem like it on the surface, HR, facilities and IT have a lot in common. In fact, any internal corporate service provider dealing with similar types of requests – for help, information, services, and changes to existing services – has a lot in common with IT. So, it’s no big surprise

The Essence of Enterprise Service Management (a snippet)….

Posted on Wednesday 11 August 2021.

By Lana Yakimoff, Principal Consultant, ITSM Consulting Services Pty Ltd. Service Management has been around for many years, most of us work within the ITSM industry delivering value and some form of service. Looking back over the years IT has evolved; from ad-hoc 80’s IT shop, to adopting ITIL Framework originating from the UK Government and

SDI & Generation Launch IT Support Bootcamp

Posted on Tuesday 27 July 2021.

SDI is excited to announce its new partnership with Generation and the launch of their IT Support training bootcamp! Generation is a global charity that up-skills young people from diverse backgrounds that have faced barriers to employment in IT Support, Cloud and Data Engineering and connects them with socially conscious employers. The 12-week IT Support programme provides learners with the technical and

“Significant improvements” to NHS Forth Valley services in “most challenging” times

Posted on Tuesday 20 July 2021.

NHS Forth Valley’s Digital and eHealth teams recently celebrated achieving Service Desk Certification at a proactive 2 star level, thanks to many months of hard work and commitment at a time when the whole NHS was under enormous strain from the COVID-19 pandemic. Kevin Edwards, Digital & eHealth Programme Delivery Manager at NHS Forth Valley

How to Leverage Industry Awards In Your Service Desk Marketing Strategy

Posted on Friday 16 July 2021.

Who doesn’t love awards? They make us feel like we’re accomplishing great things and they validate our hard work. The last 18 months have been tough on the IT service industry so there is no better time to dust ourselves off, start thinking about all of the great things we have achieved in the face

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