Experience the Future of ITSM: Join Us for an Unforgettable Showcase!

Embracing the Future: The Rise of Contactless Technology and Self-Service Solutions In an ever-evolving digital landscape, contactless technology and self-service solutions have emerged as game-changers, …

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SITS highlights blog

Exciting Discoveries: Insights from SITS 2024

Last week, we had the opportunity to be a part of SITS—The Service Desk & IT Support Show—and we have some stories to share! Let us take you on a little journey through our experience at this year’s event.

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Runshaw College IT Services Achieve 4 Star Business Led SDC Certification

About Runshaw College Runshaw College has provided high quality education for almost 50 years. Considered one of the most successful colleges in the UK, Runshaw …

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feedback culture

How to Use Feedback to Improve Employee Experience

Gathering employee feedback is one step towards creating a positive feedback culture and a more diverse and inclusive workplace. By engaging in open dialogue with employees, you can identify…

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Service Desk Strategy

From Vision to Execution: Service Desk Strategy Guide

As a consultant and auditor, one of the biggest challenges I find service desks face is creating a robust and meaningful strategy. I think the word “strategy” itself creates a mistaken sense of complexity and difficulty — and that really isn’t the case.

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Meet The Recruiter: Keith Wilkins

We recently caught up with Specialist Recruiter Keith Wilkins to find out more about his career and work as a Consultant for SDI Recruitment. What …

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Meet The All-American AI Powerhouse

Are you ready to dive headfirst into the exhilarating world of AI, where the boundaries of technology and imagination blur? “AI Horizons Unveiled” is not …

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