RPA and AI

Robotic Process Automation and AI: Taking the Work You Hate -Off Your Plate

You’ve probably heard or read those stories about robots eliminating our jobs and taking control over our lives! You might even watch some movies about …

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agile leader

Modern Leadership Styles — What Does It Mean to Be a Truly “Agile” Leader?

We live in a hyper-changing world! Just think about it, we went from the work in the office, formal meetings and the traditional 9-5 working …

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historical incident data

How to Get the Most Out of Your Historical Incident and Service Request Data & Analytics

One of the top challenges of managing a service support team isn’t just making sure you’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing — but …

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Transformation In Action – 5 Practice Tips from Industry Thought Leaders

Meeting customer expectations has always been challenging, and when COVID-19 forced many employees to remain at home – this became even more demanding and daunting. …

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employee experience

Adapting to Change – 5 Ways to Improve Employee Experience in 2022

Change has become the 21-century most ubiquitous challenge. If we only look at the last 18 months, IT support services have needed to rapidly adapt …

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micro experience

Why Do Micro-Experiences Matter to the IT and Support World in the Age of the Digital Business?

There’s a lot of talk about ‘customer experience’ these days, especially in the IT and support world. But do we know what truly makes for …

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Joining a new team remotely; the home-office culture club

Remote working, virtual work, teleworking, home-office or whatever you call it, the Covid-19 global pandemic turned it up a notch- and now it’s here to …

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