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Workbooks believe that building and maintaining great customer relationships is key to business success. They provide a service which focuses on CRM and ties together marketing, sales, customer service and finance. Workbooks have built business relationships with a range of different organisations and the service and support team are a very flexible workforce. We spoke with Head of Service Delivery, Penny Lowe.

What types of customers do you support? provides CRM and business applications to organisations of all sizes. We have customers that have one employee to companies with 500+ Users. Our CRM platform is flexible and is used by customers in many different industries ranging from membership management organisations, to media and publishing businesses through to IT and telecommunications.

What’s the most bizarre thing you have heard from a customer?

Carrying out a screen share with one of our global customers, he had his 3 year old daughter with him. She commenced to say hello to me in the middle of the phone call. I couldn’t help but laugh when her father asked why she was willing to talk to Workbooks support and not her own Grandparents.

What one thing would improve your service?

To have the time to be able to complete all the internal projects we would like to, it’ll improve the customer service.

What common incidents do you receive?

The most common incidents we receive range from general guidance on how to use their CRM more effectively, assistance with automating common tasks, help with integrations through to building complex reports to get the real value from their CRM.

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