SDI Community Offer

SDI has teamed up with HappySignals to give you a brilliant new SDI community offer: month’s free access for measuring Employee and Customer Satisfaction with the HappySignals product.

The HappySignals Product:

Highlights the Business Value of ITSM
Users can click whatever category item they are interested in, to find out what is causing problems in that area. This process helps to identify and prioritise development needs and justify IT spend.
Collect large amount of actionable feedback data to identify development priorities.
Happiness Score™
All customers’ feedback data is collated to form the Happiness Score™. In addition to the overall score, HappySignals calculates benchmark for:
1. Factors
2. Countries
3. Service Channels
4. IT Support Behavioral Profiles
To take advantage of this brilliant opportunity you’ll need 1,000+ employees and to be using either Cherwell, BMC, ServiceNow, FreshService, Ivanti.


After three months, you will have enjoyed the opportunity to collect some great responses from your end-users and customers, giving you a greater depth of understanding into:
• How the service desk is performing in terms of employee and customer satisfaction
• How happy employees are
• Providing at least a 20% response rate 

Watch this short clip for a full list of benefits:

If you would like to be one of the first to access this benefit, or if you would like to request a demo from HappySignals, please complete the short form on this page>>

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