Customer Experience in ITSM

Insight Report, Background & Methodology

Recent SDI research suggested that customer satisfaction is the most significant indicator of success on the service desk. This could indicate that in the near future, traditional Service Level Agreement (SLA) measures, such as speed to answer, first time fix, number of escalations, and so on, may become obsolete. As Experience Level Agreements (XLAs) and Customer Experience (CX) focused targets become a new approach to measuring more emotional, customer-focused agreements between service desks and their customers.

This research will look at whether this is already gaining traction within the industry, and to what extent this is the case, along with how you can leverage CX measures to support your business.

Between January and March 2018, the Customer Experience survey was sent to a wide variety of service desk professionals, from both public and private sector service desks and a large range of organisation sizes.

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Delivering Happiness - Customer ExperienceThe ‘CX: Delivering Happiness Series‘ is all about the shift in the ITSM industry which is beginning to steer the focus away from traditional metrics and towards recognising the significance of the customer experience.  It will focus on everything from the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to measure CX, what affect it will have on service desks in the future, and even ways to take part in upcoming industry opportunities, ensuring you don’t get left behind.  Part 1 examines the importance of the customer experience and why service desks are beginning to focus on it.
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