Exploring the True Impact of Remote Support

Posted on Monday 7 September 2020.

Exploring the True Impact of Remote Support


Service desks today are facing unprecedented challenges in the way that they support their customers. They are being asked to support an ever-increasing array of devices and systems, which in itself presents numerous challenges and issues, in addition to having to adapt to changing ways of working by offering increased hours of support and different ways to support customers. Add into this mix rising customer expectations about how quickly issues are resolved, and what is left is a potent mix that can be difficult for service desks to manage.



In light of these challenges, service desks can utilise remote support as a means of supporting a mobile workforce efficiently and effectively. But what are the real-world experiences of Service Desk Managers? What are the perceived and realised benefits? Do remote support tools help service desks realise improvements in performance metrics, such as cost per incident, customer satisfaction, and contacts to the service desk? This report will explore whether remote support meets the expectations of service desk professionals.


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