Higher Education Benchmarking Report 2020

This report is the third version of the UK Higher Education (HE) Benchmarking report. It will take an in-depth look at Higher Education in this respect, covering a broad range of issues from technology and metrics, through to employee development and customer engagement. Not only will this give us the opportunity to benchmark and spot trends in the HE industry, but it will also allow us to compare how universities function and perform with other industries, and where these factors may differ.

This report provides comparisons, where appropriate, with the results of the 2016 Higher Education Benchmarking report and the v.9 Benchmarking report. The Higher Education Service Desk Benchmarking survey was distributed to Higher Education IT professionals between November 2019 and January 2020. As with the v.9 Benchmarking report, some of the questions have been updated to reflect the changing nature of the service desk industry and provide an insight into current issues and trends.

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Higher Education Benchmarking 2020

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