Improving the Onboarding Process

Part 7 in the Naked Service Desk Series


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The original Naked Service Desk Blog explores the concept of stripping back the service desk to its basic components and identifies the top 10 steps which are key for providing brilliant service. Of the 10 steps, step 6 focuses on recruiting and retaining customer-focused service desk staff.

Recruitment, onboarding, and retention while typically considered responsibilities of HR, are actually very important aspects for the service desk to be involved in. Having an effective onboarding process can set the tone for the new starter and allow them to feel positively about their first few days in their new environment. Condensing the process or not setting clear objectives or goals for new starters can lead to lower staff retention and unhappy employees.

This report will look into how to improve the onboarding process to facilitate a lower staff turnover, improve employee satisfaction and obtain better overall process efficiencies, which lead to higher customer satisfaction levels.

Download your free report on ‘Improving the Onboarding Process’ here >>
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