The Autonomous Service Desk: Powered By Next Gen AI

The Autonomous Service Desk: Powered By Next Gen AI

2020 continues to bring us unprecedented change. The agendas of digital transformation, robotic process automation, workload defection into self-service, scalability and home working support are in focus like never before. The ability to automate and orchestrate service work flows and lifecycles now plays a major role in many service desk success stories, and it’s more important than ever to keep the momentum up to innovate, optimize and automate.

Intelligently automating the many facets of in ITSM not only has the potential to significantly improve business productivity, it also frees up skilled resources to focus on problem solving and innovation. Remember; automation does not only offer the potential to significantly reduce costs, it also has the potential to create better experiences for both customers and service desk staff!

In this webinar we found out how to:
-maximize a service desk’s automation capabilities
-change a service proposition from a reactive to proactive
-create value by eliminating problems and incidents at the source with endpoint management


David Wright, Chief Value Officer, SDI
Dan Goodstein, President of IRPA AI & Digital Enterprise Institute, IRPA AI
Sam Gross, CEO, ChoiceWORX

Watch the webinar recording

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