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Posted on Wednesday 27 March 2024.

Are you ready to dive headfirst into the exhilarating world of AI, where the boundaries of technology and imagination blur? The “AI Horizons Unveiled” Summit was a clarion call to the curious, the forward-thinkers, and the outright skeptics of the ITSM world. From the comfort of your own screen, watch each of our AI maverick as they take you on a journey through the most cutting-edge realms of AI orchestration, automation, and beyond. This is your FREE golden ticket to the future. And let’s be honest, it’s a much better use of your time than that fifth coffee break!

Meet the Trailblazers

With a lineup is so stellar it makes you wonder if we’ve invented time travel to bring back geniuses from the future. Here’s a sneak peek at the masterminds ready to shake the very foundation of your understanding of AI in ITSM:

Matt Beran: (Host) Ticket Volume Podcast

Bio: I’m a curious guy with a passion for good systems, informed design, and building things that matter. I guess that’s why I’m all over the place.

My 20+ years of experience in Service Management and Customer Service made me somewhat of an IT Industry Analyst. So I’m always eager to advise, help, and there’s no denying it, I love to discuss these topics at length.

Right now, I’m InvGate Product Specialist — and since I talk tech, design, and experiences so much, they gave me a mic to create a podcast focused thereon!

So now you can hear me at least once a week. If you’re interested in Service Management, Leadership, Experience, and Technology.

Josh Nelson: Director of Technology Experience, Power Design Inc

Bio: Experienced leader with a demonstrated history of success in both the public and private sector.

Skilled in Customer Service, Strategic Planning, Infornation Technology, Team Building, Public Speaking, and Leadership.

Strong program and project management professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Business Administration and Management, Information Systems and Enterprise Resource Management from California Intercontinental University.


Ben Brennan: Head of User Experience, PeopleReign

Bio: Author, CEO, speaker, podcast host, and named a “Top 25 IT Thought Leader” by HDI. 

As the Senior IT Director for Verizon Media, Yahoo, Box, and before that roles at Twitter, Jawbone and Pivotal Labs, I used QSTAC, a proprietary method of measuring IT customer experience and data-driven strategy, to deliver a measurable, world class customer experience to the employees of those companies. 

As of 2020, my team and I have launched an enterprise SAAS version of the tool that any company can now use (and afford!) to deliver a legendary IT customer experience that their end users will rave about.

Customer centric IT Support increases both workforce productivity and employee engagement- perhaps more importantly, it allows your IT team to define and work towards the goal of being an industry leader at what they do every day. Who doesn’t want to be the best?


Jeff Rumburg: Managing Partner, MetricNet, LLC

Bio: As CEO and Managing Partner of MetricNet, I have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s largest service and support organizations. These include such iconic companies as American Express, Intel, Coca Cola, and Emory Healthcare.

When I am not working on client engagements, I am creating content for MetricNet’s resource library, speaking at HDI local chapter meetings, preparing to speak at the annual HDI, SDI, FUSION and ICMI conferences, or delivering our monthly webcast on best practices in service and support.

I founded MetricNet on my birthday in 2006. Today, more than half of the FORTUNE 500 rely on MetricNet benchmarks to improve and optimize their performance. 

Prior to MetricNet I was President and founder of The Verity Group, a strategy consulting firm with a focus on information technology. I sold the business to META Group in 1998 and took a position at META as Vice President of Consulting. META was later acquired by Gartner, where I also served as Vice President of Consulting.


James Finister: AI Ethicist

Bio: I specialise in building neuro-inclusive workplaces and the governance of AI, particularly in the cyber environment.

My background is in partner-level management consultancy roles, with an emphasis on IT service management. I have experience across multiple sectors and geographies with a focus on manufacturing and the public sector.

My past roles include being seconded, as a senior civil servant, from the Cabinet Office to train public sector auditors, establishing a pioneering UK-based IT service management consultancy, and developing a £13m p.a. Service Integration And Management capability in a global outsourcing company.

I was awarded the prestigious itSMF Live Time Achievement Award for my contributions to ITSM and more recently was voted one of the top twenty global thought leaders by HDI. 

As a co-opted member of several ISO and BSI standards committees, I contribute actively to the development of industry good practices in Artificial Intelligence, Corporate Governance of AI, systems and Software Engineering and IT Service management. As t a thought leader, I am much in demand as a popular keynote speaker at conferences.


Alan Berkson: Founder, Intelligist Group

Bio: I’m focused on helping businesses and people tell their story. As an early employee and first hire in the US for Freshworks, I developed expertise in helping Indian SaaS startups navigate western markets. 

I can me help you with:

– Influencer and Community Engagement

– Thought leadership content and strategy

– Product strategy and execution

– GTM strategy and Enterprise messaging

– Analyst Relations

– Key employee coaching

What’s interesting for me?

– Post series A startups looking to navigate analyst/influencer relations, brand storytelling, or community

– Content collaboration

– Chatting over a cup of coffee

I was an early Freshworks employee and I had multiple roles including Director of Community Outreach, building the analyst relations program, and then Director of Thought Leadership. Prior to Freshworks I spent over 2 decades in the IT world doing development, service management, and as a pioneer in the MSP space. I think of myself as one of the world’s oldest “digital natives” and wrote early on about the impact of pervasive communications on businesses and society. 

I also do a podcast about entertainment. Check out the Cosmic Streetcorner podcast on your favorite podcast app.


Greg Sanker: Principle Advisory Director, Info-Tech Research Group

What I do: I help people and organizations achieve excellence. In Leadership. In IT. In Leading Change. 

I’m a Senior IT Leader with expertise in IT Service Management, ITIL, Organizational Management of Change, global IT Operations, IT Operations Management and business processes alignment.


Ken Gonzales, Head of Analyst Relations, Freshworks

Bio: AI have been providing systems/software design and delivery experience at all organizational levels from individual contributor to executive management since 1984 and bring significant technical & business leadership skills to customers and colleagues.

I have been recognized an industry expert and leader in Outside-In Thinking, Lean and Service Management and am regularly invited to write and give presentations internationally. My perspective is valued because of my ability to help practitioners and customers’ alike better understand and apply these principles to deliver value and tangible results.


Ashwin Ram Ragupathi, Product Marketing Manager, ManageEngine

Why You Must Watch This AI Summit!

  • Revolutionary Ideas: We’re not just talking about incremental changes. We’re discussing leaps that’ll make you rethink what’s possible.
  • Practical Demonstrations: See live how these technologies are being applied today, not in some distant, utopian future.
  • Network with the Best: Connect with industry leaders, innovators, and fellow skeptics. Debate, discuss, and maybe even change your mind.

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Ready to be part of the revolution? Grab your favorite snack, and click here to watch the presentations in full. You’re all welcome to join!

Whether you’re a seasoned ITSM professional, an AI enthusiast, or just someone intrigued by the future of technology, these AI mavericks will add the spark your imagination and maybe, just maybe, inspire your next big idea. 

See you in the future! 🚀

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