The frustration of shifting through far too many irrelevant CVs can’t be underestimated and the cost of making the ‘wrong’ hire can be really negative for you and your team.  Working with a high street recruiter or a generic IT recruitment agency can really increase the chances of this happening – so why take the risk?

Given the choice we all like to work with like-minded professionals who truly understand our sector.  In this case, the IT Service Desk.

This is where the Service Desk Institute can help.  We offer a specialist Service Desk Resourcing service (SDR) that focuses on finding and attracting the right people, with the right attitude and the right skills to provide your customers with excellent levels of service.

Why use SDR

It’s simple. SDR is in a unique position of being a part of SDI!

We benchmark, train, audit and certify service desks from around the world. As such we have pulled together a dedicated team of resourcing associates, who not only understand the challenges you are facing but also have a passion for finding brilliant team members for service desks.

6 brilliant reasons to choose SDR as your recruitment partner:

  • No one knows this unique sector better than SDI
  • Who better to understand what makes a perfect Service Desk professional than the body that sets the industry standards?
  • Only SDR can provide your new hire with a Service Desk Qualification as part of the hiring fee
  • SDI’s expert resourcing professionals have decades of direct industry experience
  • Much reduced time to hire – less wasted time and resources
  • Highly competitive fees

How SDR works

SDR delivers the right people with the right skills for your service desk environment.
Call us on 01689 889100 or email to find out more.

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