Exploring the True Impact of Remote Support Technologies

Service desks today are facing unprecedented challenges in the way that they support their customers. In light of these challenges, service desks can utilise remote support as means of supporting a mobile workforce efficiently and effectively. But what are the real world experiences of Service Desk Managers? This report will explore whether remote support meets the expectations of service desk professionals, and to what extent this may be true.



Higher Education Benchmarking

This report will be the third iteration of the UK Higher Education Benchmarking report. Covering a broad range of issues from technology and metrics, through to employee development and customer engagement. Not only will this give us the opportunity to benchmark and spot trends in the HE industry, but will also allow us to compare how universities function and perform with other industries. Please help buy completing the survey which will inform this report


SDI Member Satisfaction Survey

We’re always looking for ways to improve what we offer to our members. We would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes taking this short survey to help us achieve our mission of inspiring service desks to be brilliant!

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