Service Management Optimisation Assessment

Taking a wider view than just the ‘service desk’ we will look across the entire Service Management governance model and stack of processes. Whilst it does not go as deep into ‘service desk’ elements as our Service Desk Health Check or Certification programme, it provides a broader view across the whole landscape, to enable you to understand how well processes outside of the Service Desk are operating. This is not only useful for reviewing Service Management practices within IT, but can be used to look across the entire Enterprise to help gauge adherence to best practice and to learn how to improve underperforming areas, or where there are opportunities to build upon good practices.

This optimisation assessment is perfect for any CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors, Heads of and Directors of Service Management, as well as leaders in other areas that can benefit from Service Management best practices to improve their operations, such as Facilities or HR leaders.

This assessment covers all Service Lifecycle areas that underpin a successful IT or Enterprise Service Management function. These assessments are informed by recognised best practice frameworks and our many years of experience in delivering Service Excellence for our clients.

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Our comprehensive assessment covers three crucial areas:

1. People: We analyse your team’s skills, competencies, and collaboration to ensure a high-performing, engaged workforce.
2. Processes: We evaluate your processes for efficiency, effectiveness, and alignment with industry best practices.
3. Technology: We examine and help optimize your service management tools and workflows to ensure they support business goals and strategic objectives.

We will work with you to identify the correct stakeholders who we’ll interview in order to understand your operating practices and their ability to enable value in the organisation.

Step 1 – Exec Meetings (15-30 mins) Weeks 1-3
What is the organisational strategy?
What does value mean to you?
Open to discussing further?
How would you like to be informed?

Step 2 – Functional Lead Meetings (45 – 60 mins) Weeks 3-6
What is the organisational strategy?
What does value mean to you?
Open to discussing further?
What do your team(s) do?

Step 3 – Initial Assessments (2hrs) Weeks 6 – 16
Guiding Principals Assessment (1hr)
Initial Practices Assessment (30 mins each)
Recommended practice assessments (up to 34 practices at 30 mins each)
Digital Service Lifecycle gaps identified

Step 4 – Analysis & recommendations Weeks 16 – 20
Metrics, Trends and Averages published
Operating Model recommendations & design published
Operating Model roadmap published
Skills gap & resourcing roadmap defined
Community of Practice delivering tactical improvements with strategic objectives formalised

Unlock the full potential of your organization with our expert-led assessment, which offers:

Improved service delivery
Enhanced customer and employee experience
Streamlined operations
Increased efficiency and cost savings
Better alignment with business objectives
Our Proven Assessment Process

Our team of experts will guide you through a rigorous, data-driven analysis that ensures actionable insights and measurable results. We employ best practices and proven assessment techniques to deliver a tailored, comprehensive report with clear recommendations for improvement.

Optimised Assessment for Maximum Impact

Our optimised assessment approach ensures rapid, sustainable improvements in service delivery, creating a lasting competitive advantage for your business.

Overcoming Common Challenges

We help you navigate common pitfalls, such as resource constraints, organizational resistance, and technology limitations, to ensure a smooth and successful assessment process.

Taking Action: Implementing Improvements

Armed with our detailed recommendations, you’ll be ready to make data-driven decisions and implement changes that drive lasting improvements in your organization’s performance.

Measuring the Impact

We help you track key performance indicators to demonstrate the tangible value of your optimised assessment and showcase the return on investment for your organization.

Embrace the Future of Service Management

Stay ahead of the curve with insights into emerging trends and best practices that will shape the future of service management.

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