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Harness The Power Series: Policy & Strategy

Harnessing The Power of Assessment – Policy & Strategy   Harness the Power is a blog series written by ITSM experts and authors. The series will focus on the 9 concepts of best practice within a top performing IT service operation and explain how the Service Desk Assessment in particular, as a

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A Life by Design Rather than by Accident

By Gillian Jones-Williams   So, where are you? I don’t mean physically where are you, I mean where are you in your life? Are you where you expected to be, or was this never in the plan? It’s amazing how many women I speak to who are surprised at where

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The Metrics Hierarchy in IT Service & Support 

by Jeff Rumburg, MetricNet   The Metrics Hierarchy – Your Guide To Getting Started   Today’s service and support technologies make it easy to capture copious amounts of performance data.  Most IT service desk managers can tell you everything from last month’s ticket volume to yesterday’s average handle time.  But despite all

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