What is SDI’s Quick Action-Fast Results Service?

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to analyse and improve on all areas of your service desk, but you might have a specific issue you know needs some attention. We can help you focus on what is practical and achievable in a short amount of time to impact the success of your service desk. Our Quick Action – Fast Results Service will focus on one particular area of improvement where we will engage with you to deliver fast, practical solutions  which you can implement right away.  You just have to choose your focus area:
Customer – Improving the customer experience
Successful customer experiences involve understanding needs and exceeding expectation. Gathering meaningful feedback and implementing key findings quickly will ensure customers really value your service desk and feel they are being heard.
Performance – Managing information and performance results
Tracking the right metrics can redefine your approach to recording, monitoring, analysing and reporting on the success of your service desk.
Processes – Managing processes and procedures
Improving service desk efficiency by involving the team in a collaborative review and redefinition of formal processes and procedures.
Leadership – Inspiring and driving continual service improvement
Reigniting the passion and empowering your leadership team and workforce can transform your service desk productivity. Using honest, objective feedback to drive training, induction, performance reviews and reward- recognition incentives will create a highly motivated and fully engaged workforce.

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