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SDI Shine is an annual online conference with speakers from around the world presenting
on a range of ITSM topics to update your knowledge and real service desk stories to inspire you to be brilliant.

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Here are the recordings from Shine17 that took place on 26 October 2017 so you can catch up on anything you missed:

Karen Ferris, Bringing AGILity to Service Management – Rapid Results, Right Results

The presentation takes the audience on a journey of process improvement (in pictures) where the ‘waterfall’ approach to implementing improvements from a CSI register is utilised. The outcomes are not what were expected! An alternative approach is presented where we borrow from the world of software development and apply an ‘agile’ approach to process improvement and explore the resultant benefits.

Kiran Pabbathi, Best Practices for ITSM tool configuration

Today we have a legion of multifarious ITSM tools. The ulterior motive of an ITSM tool is to record and process the information on IT operational activities, publish the information to all the relevant stakeholders, and enable the management to make effective decisions with respect to IT services and its assets. A company might purchase the world’s best ITSM tool considering divergent factors (like business requirements, user friendliness, ease of customization, ability to integrate with other IT systems, ability to sync with latest technologies, and compliance with the ITSM best practice frameworks and ISO standards), but if the tools team is not up to the mark in customising, configuring and implementing the ITSM tool then all the efforts go for a rout. Hence my talk and presentation is to explicate and elucidate the most decisive things which would break or make the effectiveness of ITSM tools functionality.

Pasi Nikkanen, Make employee experience the most meaningful service desk metric

This showcase of three customer case studies explains how to leverage employee experience and the benefits of doing so. How to change the internal discussion from ‘service desk performance’ to ‘service performance’. The value of creating contracts based on employee experience, not just SLAs. Third topic is how employee experience is used as the main input for DevOps cycles. So, if your SLAs are ‘green’ but employees are complaining, this is where to start.  Visit the Happy Signals Shine resource page

Suresh GP, Can ITSM deliver business value without BRM?

We have made deep strides in adopting best practice process and frameworks to deliver customer engagements. Looking at the future ahead, can we confidently assure ITSM is consistently delivering business value?  Do we have career progression for ITSM professionals to become Strategic BRM? It is the need of the hour to leverage BRM as a discipline and take ITSM to envisioned business outcomes.

Mark Smalley, How to ‘sell’ the value of ITSM to business executives

ITSM practitioners often struggle to articulate the value of their work in terms that the business understands, making it difficult to find executive support and funding for improvement initiatives. Mark will share a way of translating ITSM efforts into IT services with better utility, warranty and speed of delivery, and lower costs, translating them in turn into business goals such as mores sales, higher prices, lower business costs and risks. This will not only show you how to identify the business value of your efforts, but provide you with a way of articulating the value in ‘MBA-speak’. Mark will also provide the broader context by sharing his thoughts on the ITSM industry, based on observations at more than twenty conferences at which he’s spoken since the previous Shine conference.

Stuart Beale, Self-Solve – The Reality. How do I get my customers to solve their own ICT issues and requests? A “Shift-Left” journey for Leicestershire County Council’s Service Desk.

Stuart will cover:
·         Reducing contacts to the Service Desk
·         Ticket journey efficiency
·         Contact Channel use
·         A Self-Serve Portal
·         Shift-Left, from where to where
·         Our results and how we got there

Rui Soares, Risk: It is not a game

Addressing risk is a complex issue, with different levels of application and scope such as business, operational, technological, information security that need integration. The purpose of this presentation is to share lessons learned in risk analysis and risk management during client projects over the last 10 years.

Barclay Rae: Soft skills are the hardest part

We still feel the results of being overly focussed on technical and best practice skills in IT, particularly  for hiring and managing people. We need to not only accept but also call out the real skills that make good service management people successful. Let’s stop calling the difficult things ‘soft’ and focus on competencies around people, business and communications skills. Not everyone can delegate, negotiate, influence, and manage people to achieve common goals, yet these are often equally or more valuable than technical skills. The session discusses the key areas of IT and Service Management competence required.

Pascal Marchand, Feel the global support vibe!

Pascale explores the biggest challenges in getting global support on the rails.

Sami Kallio, How 110,000 employees feel about Service Management

In this presentation, Sami is talking about Employee Experience in context of service management. He will speak about what makes people happy and what they hate. He will also reveal some new data collected from more than 200 organisations, 90 countries and more than 110,000 individual employee’s feedback. Before the presentation, you can check the current benchmark from Happy Signals. Visit the Happy Signals Shine resource page

Mauricio Corona, Logrando una gran Experiencia del Cliente a través de un Service Desk espectacular [Mauricio presented in Latin American Spanish]  Translation: Achieving a great customer experience through a brilliant service desk 

Julie Mohr, Living in the Disruption Economy: Why our customers are screaming for change and we’re still not listening

As we progress as a society from the knowledge economy through the disruption economy, our customers are becoming more vocal about what they want and need from their service providers. No longer are customers willing to put up with bureaucratic global enterprises who are slow to change and create unnecessary friction for the consumer. Customers are voting with their currency, choosing Uber over taxis, Amazon over the department store, Airbnb over hotels, and Netflix over the network TV station. If we are not careful in IT, we will also become extinct. We need to develop strategies that innovate, reduce friction and stop waiting for our customers to come to us. And knowledge is the key to our success.

Mahantesh Katageri, Elevating Colleague Experience

This presentation will be about offering delightful service to our colleagues by increasing the adoption of the Service Desk and also implementing different methods and best practices for our colleagues which yielded great results.

Eric Figgins, Successful chat implementation

Proper implementation of chat is different than other initiatives that impact the support organization or I.T. It is crucial because it is the addition of a new CHANNEL of service for the service desk. There must be careful strategy, planning, roll-out, and maintenance (CSI), as customer satisfaction is at stake. Chat service is a prime area of the shift left movement. Solving incidents for customers through chat and knowledge automation will yield cost savings for service centers of all types.

Jeff Rumburg, Any Time, Any Place – The Ultimate Customer Experience!

The growth of multi-channel support and BYOD policies has opened up a plethora of new avenues for customers to engage with IT support. Maximizing the customer experience requires that services be tailored for each channel and device. In this session Jeff Rumburg, Managing Partner of MetricNet, and winner of the 2014 Ron Muns Lifetime Achievement Award, will discuss how organizations have harnessed the potential of “Any Time, Any Place” support to drive and sustain high levels of customer engagement. From case studies and benchmarking data, he will provide real-world examples of the power of multi-channel, multi-device support in today’s complex IT enterprise.

Ryan Ogilvie, Right Sizing Your Metrics

In this session Ryan will explore effective ways to ensure you are defining and measuring service desk metrics at the right levels to help achieve your organization’s desired business outcomes

Javier Lopez Casarin, Innovation: concept, challenges and effects in México

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