10 Steps to Successful ITSM Tool Selection…

10 steps to ITSMChanging your ITSM tool is a colossal task. But if you take all the necessary steps and streamline the process, the advantages will far outweigh the challenges.
Here are some quick wins you can achieve by updating your tool (there are still plenty more):
• Reduce Resolution Speed & MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve)
• Improve the customer experience & satisfaction
• Raise staff advocacy and job satisfaction
• Lower costs and more value
• Improve communication with other business departments and resolver groups
• Raised profile and recognition of the service desk
• Potential for better integration with other tools and processes


There are 10 key steps that SDI recommend to ensure the journey to select and implement a new ITSM tool is a successful one. Download our ’10 Steps to Successful ITSM Tool Selection’ below:


10 Steps to Tool Selection Download

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