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What types of customers do you support? What are their technical abilities and what common incidents do you receive?

We support a wide and diverse range of customers, from remote workers, to technically literate IT staff, to fast moving Project Managers, to those who are less technical. We also communicate frequently with third party suppliers who may be UK based or from Overseas. Issues reported can range from SAP system errors, to Laptop issues, to Mobile Phone queries, whilst our most common requests password re-sets, and request for new access.

What’s the best part of your day?

Finishing the day, knowing that you’ve given everything you could to performing your role to the best of your ability.

What is the greatest challenge faced by your service desk?

Keeping pace with and where possible anticipating the ever-changing demands of our business, whilst continuing to try and develop and improve the service that we offer.

If you could choose any celebrity to work on your service desk who would it be and why?

Being from a footballing city, Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool FC Manager) and Roberto Martinez (Everton FC), I’m sure would both be welcome, though how well they would cope performing the role of our team I’m not quite so sure!

If money and resource were no issue what one thing would improve your service in 2016?

An upgraded/new ITSM tool. We’re currently using Support Works 7.6.2, but would love to move to the new Service Manager solution that Hornbill have recently marketed. It offers a lot more in terms of flexibility of workflows, Self Service and reporting, all of which would help hugely in our quest for further service improvement.

What’s the most memorable or bizarre thing you’ve heard from a customer?

We once had a Sales rep, call us from his mobile for assistance with his Laptop, whilst speeding down a motorway. He was expecting us to remote connect to his machine there and then. We took the safe option and asked him to contact us back, once he was in a safer environment.

What was the last thing you and your team did together outside of work?

We attended the SDI IT Service & Support Awards on 12 April 2016 and though we were Runners Up in the ‘Best Small Service Desk of the Year’ section, we had an enjoyable time being there.

What characteristics within your team make it stand out from the crowd?

I think our ability to be flexible and continually adapt to the changing needs of the business, whilst supporting the many different technologies and products that are used within Camelot with just a team of five.

What one achievement (of the service desk) are you most proud of and why?

Without doubt, being named as Finalists in the 2015/2016 SDI ‘Best Small Service Desk of the Year’ awards. We’d love to have won it, but to have reached the final gave us an incredible sense of achievement and showcased how much we’ve developed and grown over the last few years. We’d really recommend anyone considering entering the awards to do so.

Quick Facts:

Service Desk Manager: Paul Coxhead
Business type (e.g. education , finance): Gaming, Betting, Gambling
Location of service desk: Knowsley, Merseyside
Size of team: 5
Days and hours of operation: 24 x 7 (we operate and out of hours service between 5:30pm and 7:30am Monday to Friday and across Saturday/Sunday)
Multi-lingual?: No
Number of customers supported: 1000+
Calls received per day: 120 per day
ITSM Software: Support Works 7.6.2
Longest serving team member (how many years): Jason, 11 years

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