What made you join SDI? – We joined SDI as we needed a plan and we needed the rigour we knew SDI would drive.


What membership resources do you use? – We’ve leveraged the membership discounts for various courses and SDI’s training offering – all of our ITSD are certified SDI analysts. I’d also love to see even more development in this area for our teams in the future. And of course we have taken the strategic decision to certify ourselves using the SDI certification programme!


What do you like the most about your membership? – We love the ability to reference best practice, to be part of an international community and to obtain certification via a programme with international recognition.


What is the greatest challenge faced by your service desk? – There are many. We are quite a small service desk, so having the time to focus on everything as well as just keep the day to day going can be hard. We want to improve, and exceed, and we want to do that with consistency and great customer satisfaction – all of which takes effort and time.


What difference has being a member made to your service desk and customers? – We now have a clear direction and strategy for continual improvement. I think that it’s very easy to say “we focus on continual improvement” but the membership team at SDI and the certification programme gave us exactly what we needed to focus on – and it doesn’t let you rest on your laurels either!

Our achievements have been great – and it’s a great feeling – we’ve got a goal to maintain what we’ve achieved and a stretch to improve it, which is commitment to our customers that we are serious about what we are doing and that we have them very much at the heart of everything we do.


Why is it important to be part of a network/community? – Learning and having the opportunity to hear from what others have done is a great way of helping you to progress. It’s also good sometimes just to hear reassurance that “yep, that’s the norm” or “we’re doing the right thing”.

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Some Quick Facts:

  • Unique/interesting things about your service desk: We employ in our team a country and western DJ, a keen amateur photographer, a gamer, a crafter, an ex-sailor, a bouncer, a snowboarder, a pro wrestler, and an archer – to name but a few
  • Head Of Operations: Anna Lister
  • Service Desk Manager: Gavin Hall
  • Business type: Financial Services: Pension Administration & Investments
  • Location of service desk: Darlington, Co. Durham
  • Days and hours of operation: M-F 7am – 6pm
  • Number of customers supported: Circa 550
  • ITSM Software: Sostenuto/Sunrise – Internally branded as “My Support”
  • Longest serving team member: Our longest serving team member has been with us over 25 years!

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