Tikit are global providers of technology solutions and services to legal and professional service firms

What types of customers do you support? What common incidents do you receive?

Tikit’s Helpdesk provides support to its legal and professional services clients all over the world. These firms are users of our software and range in size from large global firms to sole practitioners. As a result, technical abilities vary between clients. We support anyone from highly skilled, technical IT professionals to those with a low understanding of IT, making our work extremely varied.

Supporting our own products such as Carpe Diem, Partner for Windows, eMarketing and TMS template management system is always interesting because of the vast and varied functionality available to our users. Incidents can be on anything from time recording to document handling to practice management to client relationship systems, the list goes on…

What’s the best part of your day?

Resolving a challenging issue and making the outcome a positive one for the client.

What is the greatest challenge faced by your service desk?

Keeping up-to-date with a constantly changing and varied market. We know as firms grow their technology requirements change. Our staff are kept up to date with the latest technologies and appraised of the latest features within our products.

If you could choose any celebrity to work on your service desk who would it be and why?

Max Whitlock, as he wowed us all at the Olympics in Rio. His drive and energy would be the perfect addition to our team. His dedication to pursuing a gold medal reflects Tikit’s own business values.  We strive to provide the best possible customer service, averaging a 96% client satisfaction rating in 2015.

What one thing would improve your service in 2016?

Improving our client portal.  Its purpose is to provide concise and relevant information for our clients.  But we want it to offer more.  We want this to become central to our business, delivering an ecommerce platform for the easy purchase of additional licences. This will aid Tikit’s wider cloud strategy in 2017.

What’s the most memorable or bizarre thing you’ve heard from a customer?

A number of years ago we asked for a screenshot of an error message and we received a photograph of the monitor.

What was the last thing you and your team did together outside of work?

Regular meals to celebrate performance and the team regularly organise cinema trips amongst themselves.

What characteristics within your team make it stand out from the crowd?

Vibrant, energetic team with a desire for providing an excellent client experience.

What one achievement (of the service desk) are you most proud of and why?

ISO 9001 successfully retained for 7 years as it is a reflection of our dedication to providing great customer service.

Quick Facts:

Service Desk Manager: Miles Osborne
Business type (e.g. education, finance): Legal technology provider
Location of service desk: UK
Size of team: 24
Days and hours of operation: 9.00am – 17.30pm as standard.
Multi-lingual?: Yes! Our team can speak English, French, Italian, Greek and Norwegian
Number of customers supported: 1450 worldwide
Calls received per day: approx. 100
ITSM Software: Hornbill SupportWorks
Longest serving team member: Miles Osborne at 20 years!

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