Supporting The Digital Business

It’s common today for business employees to work in a separate location to the service desk, whether that’s because an employee works from home, an organisation has multiple sites, or the service desk is outsourced.

In addition to this, as technology and customer service evolve in the consumer world, employees come to expect a similar experience in their workplace. Organisations need a digital strategy to map out how IT services will develop to continue to support the business and meet the needs of employees.

IT support has access to numerous technologies which allow service desks to support their business wherever and whenever is required, and COVID-19 has made supporting a remote workforce a necessity for many organisations. 

Alongside this, the drive towards Digital Transformation and Shift Left is rapidly changing the way we think about IT support. 

This report focuses on the people within the industry – service desk professionals and their customers – and how they interact with technologies which are making IT support more accessible and efficient.

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