Watch: Update to the latest Global Best Practice Standard

Posted on Thursday 16 May 2019.

A live Q&A panel of some of the lead contributors to version 8 of the Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desk (Best Practice Standard) was filmed during #SDI19.

This video contains:
• An overview of SDI’s Best Practice Standard
• Discussion of the latest changes to global best practice
• Major changes in version 8
• Advice, tips and where the industry is moving in the next few years…

Panelists include:
• David Wright, SDI’s Chief Value & Innovation Officer.
• Mauricio Corona, Ph.D. ITIL4 Architect, ITSM Consultant, Auditor and Associate Director BP Gurus.
• Barclay Rae, ITSM Consultant, Auditor & ITIL4 Architect.
• Damian Bowen, ITSM Consultant, Auditor &  Director of Support Services Acrinax.
• Lynne Nash, ITSM Consultant, Service Desk Education Specialist & Customer Service Expert.


The ultimate service improvement journey:

The Best Practice Standard forms the basis of SDI’s Service Desk Certification (SDC) programme. An internationally recognised accreditation programme used globally to improve service delivery certify service quality.

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