Webinar: How ITSM Innovation Can Unify An Entire Organisation

How ITSM Innovation Can Unify An Entire Organisation

Staying on the cutting edge of service is a huge priority for many CIOs and IT managers. The best of them will take the advancements made in their own departments and teach them to other teams. What kind of innovations can you bring to the table at the next leadership meeting? How can you get the rest of your organisation behind them?

Watch the recording of this webinar with our expert panel of presenters: David Wright, Chief Value Officer at SDI, Scarlett Bayes, Industry Analyst at SDI and Jeff Rumburg, Founder and CEO of MetricNet.

The panel discuss:

* Why IT should be responsible for unifying service delivery across the organisation

* Tried and tested processes to help get other departments on board

* Innovative tools to help consolidate service delivery and create consistency

* Why creating a culture of innovation is vital for any organisation




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