Marketing the Service Desk, Insight Report

This is part 10 in the Naked Service Desk Series

The original Naked Service Desk Blog explores the concept of stripping back the service desk to its basic components and identifies the top 10 steps which are key for providing brilliant service. Part 10 in the series is step 9, the penultimate element necessary for a brilliant service desk, which is of course, to launch and market your service.

Download part 10, the free insight report ‘Marketing your Service Desk’ at the bottom of this page.

The process of marketing your service desk should include communicating contact details and promoting the benefits of the service to customers and other stakeholders. Marketing the service desk has numerous benefits, ranging from building the profile and awareness of the desk to justifying the need for further investments from the business in IT projects. Additionally, there is a key need to promote your service desk to your customers. It is important to think about your service desk as if it were a business and consider whether your customers would use a different service provider if given the option. A large part of this will come down to the service that you provide in contrast to their needs, but it will also depend on how much knowledge your customers have about the services you offer and what you are doing to improve their daily life at work.

Going beyond promoting the services you offer; the service desk should also inform customers of any continual improvement initiatives and highlight any customer feedback which has prompted this. If you let your customers know what you are doing for them, and make them feel valued, they are more likely to think of you in a positive light.

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