Dashboards & Reporting Tools Demo Day - August 2023

Dashboards & Reporting ITSM Tools Demo Day

Virtual Event (on-demand)


These recorded sessions will be your ultimate guide to a wide range of dashboards and reporting tools with insightful demos showcasing the latest features and fresh ideas to help your organisation make data-driven decisions!


Watch the sessions on our SDI BrightTalk channel:


Ollie King, Senior Account Executive, HaloITSM



Simplifying IT Dashboards & Reporting with NinjaOne: Empowering IT Management

York von Eichel-Streiber, Product Marketing Manager, NinjaOne


Data-Driven Success: Unlock Data Insights for Effective Decision Making

Dennis Wahome, Lead Solution Engineer, Freshworks



Dashing through reports: A demonstration on dashboards and reporting in TOPdesk

Connor Tompsett, Service Management Consultant, TOPdesk



Exploring Operational Reporting with Opentext’s SMAX & iOCO Solutions

Jacqui Guy, Senior Functional Consultant, iOCO



Gaining more visibility and insight into your organization with SysAid

Katie Alexander, Sales Account Executive, SysAid

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