Alex Owen, Service Desk Analyst of the Year 2017

Posted on Monday 23 October 2017.

Alex Owen, Knowledge Transfer Analyst at CGI, was awarded Service Desk Analyst of the Year award at the industry’s IT Service & Support Awards. Find out what it takes to become a winner in this category.

What made you decide to enter the awards?

When I found out that the SDI Awards existed I felt it would be a perfect opportunity to put myself forward as a candidate. I realise the work I have done in the last year goes beyond the expected duties of a Service Desk Analyst. I am passionate about the work I do and felt this could be a chance to be recognised for my dedication and devotion. I also thought that involvement would enhance my Service Desk experience by exposing me to a wider field outside of CGI. The opportunity to learn or experience something new is an exciting one.

What was the best part of the process for you?

Being told I had been shortlisted in my award category and having to give a presentation on my achievements as part of the submission process. I enjoyed reflecting on my journey over the last 12 months and enjoyed the challenge of gathering this together in a concise manner. Similarly, I enjoyed the journey to Birmingham. I was travelling with a colleague who was also giving a presentation in another category. The time spent driving was also spent discussing our roles, the awards, the prospect of being a finalist and allowed interesting and enjoyable conversations to arise.

In the last 18 months, what has been the most successful initiative you have implemented to help your business improve its performance?

My role as part of the core team that transitioned in a new contract. The success of the contract since Go Live has been widely praised within the company and has allowed CGI to gain further business from the Scottish sector. My consistent involvement, working on the desk and at client sites, has allowed for a smooth integration of the two different environments to better the experience for the customer. Further to this, lessons learned and best practices adjusted from the Knowledge Transfer were applied to the Knowledge Transfer of a following new contract, ensuring a second successful transition. This shows how my dedication to the first Knowledge Transfer role formed a key part of the second one; building on previous success rather than treating them separately. One initiative drove the other and allowed the Service Desk to improve its performance by closely managing the two contracts and allowing a transitory connection to exist between them.

Which aspect of your service do you believe your customers appreciate the most and why?

I enjoy the opportunity to talk and meet with new people. I believe it is my dedication to my work as well as my passion for wanting to help and assist people that is most appreciated. It means that I am patient with people and understanding of their situations. I always empathise with people where possible, as I believe this enhances the rapport which in turn improves the experience for the customer.

What one thing do you think really makes you stand out as a support professional?

The way in which I conduct myself, both personally and professionally, and my ability to adapt that to new, difficult or challenging situations. I treat others with positivity, courtesy and respect. My conduct is one of the main reasons I was headhunted within CGI to undertake the first Knowledge Transfer role.

How are you preparing to evolve your service desk over the next few years? Please share your most exciting plan with us!

I plan to use the experience I have gained over the last 12 months, both on the desk and at client sites, to continue to improve the service we offer for both contracts I have been a part of from the start. The patience and understanding I exhibit with customers can also be applied to the service as a whole. Both contracts are still babies, relatively speaking, and I am excited to be part of the maturing of the two over the coming years. I would hope to be integral in the ongoing development, ensuring that they are raised in a way that commends the efforts of all the individuals involved. I would also hope to be able to share my knowledge and experience for any future new business CGI won in the Scottish sector to allow for a continued success of newly transitioned contracts.

What does it mean to you to have won the category this year?

It is a fantastic achievement for which I feel both proud and humble. Achieving such recognition for the work I do is astounding. I love my job and enjoy the challenges it presents, particularly those overcome in the last 18 months. I work to the best of my ability by means of personal motivation to ensure that the quality of my work is always such that I am contented to put my name to it. All this is done because I want to do it; I want to put in the additional time and effort to grasp an outstanding result. To be formally recognised for such is a gracious bonus for me.

How can I become Service Desk Analyst of the Year in 2018?

To enter simply take a look at the ‘How To Enter’ web page here. Or why not speak to a member of the SDI awards team?  Simply email us at [email protected] or call us on 01689 889100.



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