Future Changes for the Service Desk

Posted on Thursday 27 June 2019.

best practice ITSM service desk

The latest Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desk (version 8) was launched in March this year.

At #SDI19 some of the lead contributors took part in a live Q&A panel about the latest changes to the Best Practice Standard. One of the most pertinent questions which came up about the latest global Best Practice Standard was:

”With a constantly evolving industry, what future changes do you predict there will be that will have an impact on the service desk?”

This short, insightful recording reveals some of the expert panelist’s answers to this question:




“Business acumen is going to be the area where service desks’s can really fly “

Lynne Nash Service Desk Certification Auditor, Consultant and Customer Experience Expert.


“The service desk is revolutionizing the way we are handling the customer experience”  

Mauricio Corona, PhD. Auditor, ITIL 4 lead author, Director BP Gurus 


“The whole nature of the work and industry we’re in as a value stream or series of value streams, is moving much more towards a strategic level and that will have a positive impact on where the service desk sits, because it is much more part of the demand-capture area”

Barclay Rae, ITIL 4 Lead Author, NED – itSMF UK


“I don’t think there’s any part of IT support that doesn’t have an impact on the service desk because it’s integral to the whole operation, there’s not a part of the organisation that it doesn’t touch.”

Lynne Nash Service Desk Certification Auditor, Consultant and Customer Experience Expert.


Future-proof your service by aligning to the Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desk. You can use the Standard for self- assessment or join the  Service Desk Certification (SDC) programme.

The SDC programme will give you the opportunity to have the global expert’s benchmark your service then give you a detailed tailored roadmap for continual improvement;  Stay ahead of competitors, prove the value of your service to customers and the wider business while delivering the most efficient, cost-effective and future-proof service.



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