Getting to Know Global Best Practice

Posted on Friday 12 October 2018.

Getting to Know Global Best Practice

Best practice is constantly evolving and changing. Here at SDI we are fortunate enough to have a network of global partners and service desk professionals along with 30 years of experience within our fantastic ITSM industry. Our passion to share best practice as it continuously evolves is the driving force behind our active global community. Together we are consistently engaging with new technologies and strategic initiatives to inspire the ITSM industry. As Dave Wright, Chief Value & Innovation Officer SDI explains in his latest blog Reconnect with Service

IT is more than ever about relationships and mindfulness, rather than top down control and inflexible governance models. Instead of seeing the business as something we provide technology or IT service management ‘to’, IT professionals are beginning to realise that the business is a community that we are here to join and enhance


As global technology advances and competition in the ITSM industry grows, so too do demands on the service desk. To stay ahead of competitors and ensure you’re operating in the most efficient and cost effective way, you’ll need to feel connected to your business and understand current industry best practice.


Benchmarking your current performance

The eighth  Service Desk Benchmarking Report covers a wide range of concepts from technology and metrics through to training and salaries. It also examines best practice adoption and indicators for the increasing business alignment of the service desk. It explores the expected change to headcount levels, the difference in the proportion of service desks now following ITIL framework, the main indicator for success on the service desk and information on ROI for technology procurement. Download the report to discover how your service desk compares to industry averages and statistics and as a starting point for your own service improvement journey.


Continuous Service Improvement

One of the best tools SDI offer, that you can use to benchmark and map your own improvement journey is the globally recognised Best Practice Standard. The Best Practice Standard provides a quality reference model, used to improve the effectiveness of IT service support and is used by service desks across the globe. Once you have a baseline of your current service performance you can begin to make the improvements necessary to transform your service. If you already understand the benefits of benchmarking and aligning with best practice, your next step could be SDI’s Service Desk Assessment. It’s a two-day evaluation of your service desks’ current maturity level, after which you’ll be provided with a report outlining your service’s strengths, weaknesses, risk factors and key areas for development.
The Service Desk Assessment is the first step towards achieving Service Desk Certification (SDC) but can also be delivered as a service in itself, independently of the full Service Desk Certification programme. SDI’s SDC programme is the only globally accepted, standards based accreditation programme designed specifically to certify service desk quality.

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