How to Leverage Industry Awards

Posted on Monday 3 April 2023.

There is never a better time than Spring for a fresh perspective on your marketing strategy and a look at what you can accomplish in the next 6 months. This could include finding ways to raise the profile of your brand, investing in developing your team, innovating to win new clients, and, most importantly, retain existing ones.

Taking the plunge and entering the awards for your industry is a great opportunity for service desk marketing, giving you the chance to demonstrate the value and prestige your team provides both within and outside of your organisation. The awards entry process can also provide an excellent opportunity to assess where your service is now, what has recently been accomplished, and how challenges have been addressed and, more importantly, overcome.

Most industries have groups and associations, just like the Service Desk Institute, that provide competitions, awards, and accolades to outstanding members of the industry; however, in order to be eligible for one of these awards, you must apply! And we all know that requires concentration, time away from BAU, and sometimes more than a little effort. If award applications do not currently fall into your service desk's marketing strategy, whether they are local, national, industry specific, or belong to a broader category, it may be time to reconsider your options.

Achieve Validation

Becoming a finalist, winning the award, and showcasing your expertise in your field are all excellent ways to receive the highly desired independent recognition.

Being independently evaluated and rated has several advantages, including a badge of respectability that your company will wear for years to come.

“Be confident in what you have achieved and use it as a chance to celebrate your work prior to entering for the awards, even if it doesn’t result in being shortlisted or becoming a finalist.”

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Robert Banks (2022 Finalist)

ADM Recruting

Boost Team Morale

Keeping and attracting the best talent for your company is essential to its future success. They not only get to say they work for an award-winning company, but they may also attend the award ceremony and have an incredible experience. Your team will be ecstatic about being a finalist for an award and this will leave them feeling proud to be part of a successful team. 

Enhance Your Credibility

An award significantly boosts the credibility of your service desk company as a whole in the eyes of stakeholders. This provides a tangible seal of approval that demonstrates your commitment to providing high-quality goods or services.

Social proof is one of the most influential factors in a consumer’s decision-making process.

Generate Free PR

Opportunities for public relations that arise as a result of a win or even being shortlisted help to build your reputation, provide new business opportunities and the opportunity to gain new clients. It’ll even give you something to boast about to your existing clients. Awards and their associated ceremonies provide excellent opportunities for networking online and offline.

Secure Trust

The entry process is valuable in and of itself, and the knowledge gained during the preparation process can be used to further refine your company’s operating procedures, making it a highly constructive and developmental exercise.

If the SDI Awards 2023 aren't on your radar yet, you're missing out! The perks of entering, let alone winning, is immeasurable. Join the thousands of companies that have received SDI Awards over the last 27 years, recognising their excellence in service desk and support. Many continue to benefit from entering to this day and the memories of a great night will last a lifetime. Good luck!



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