Service Desk Institute and Institute for Robotic Process Automation and AI announce strategic partnership

Posted on Wednesday 1 July 2020.

The Service Desk Institute (SDI) and Institute for Robotic Process Automation and AI (IPRA AI) today announced a strategic partnership that will focus on bringing intelligent automation and AI to the ITSM industry to provide breakthrough strategies and solutions driving the move towards fully automated service desks.

Through this partnership, SDI and IRPA AI will help SDI members navigate the rapidly changing landscape of automation solutions. The partnership will kick off with a video series focused on the emergence of the fully automated service desk. Additionally, the partnership will deliver thought leadership intelligence and insight reports around intelligent automation and RPA to the SDI community.

“The intersection of AI and the service desk is a very exciting place. Lower cost, greater response time and wonderful user experience are just examples of what ITSM leaders can expect,” said Dan Goodstein, President of IRPA AI. “We are delighted to partner with SDI as this imminent reinvention of the service desk is where our world meets theirs.”

SDI’s Chief Value & Innovation Officer, David Wright added, “The future of the service desk is upon us and the disruptive nature of automation is transforming the way service desks do business. The ITSM industry can’t afford to be passive or reactive. We want SDI members to benefit from the latest trends and capabilities as it relates to emerging technology and its impact on ITSM and IRPA AI is the perfect organisation for us to team with on this initiative. They bring intelligent automation and AI experience to the table and we of course have the deep domain around service desk. The result will be compelling and impactful insights for SDI members who are seeking breakthrough strategies and solutions.”

Navigate the rapidly changing landscape of automation solutions and drive innovation in your IT service

The first wave of thought leading virtual round tables will be on the following topics:
⦁ RPA & AI industry challenges post Covid19
⦁ What changes should we expect to see in RPA & AI
⦁ The future of service management and the service desk


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About SDI

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For more information please contact Emma Spear, Chief Marketing Officer, SDI at [email protected]



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