It’s Time To Cut Down Calls: Making Self-Service Work

Posted on Thursday 4 January 2018.

A better customer experience

We have been talking to Barnardo’s Head of Service Management Mark Bassett to discover the key to their success with self-service. Firstly, we wanted to know what influenced Mark and his team to implement a self-service portal and how they prepared for the transition.

“The driver for implementing self-service was to cut down the request calls which were coming into the service desk, particularly the ones where we weren’t adding any value. We were getting a lot of service requests which we had to check to make sure correct forms were attached, and then we were forwarding these requests on to resolving groups, which was an inefficient use of our time.”

As Mark explains, when designing and implementing a self-service portal, one of the most integral steps is to involve your customers, and work with them to ensure that the implementation meets their requirements as well as those of the service desk.

“It’s vital to talk to your customers first. Make sure you find out who the key customers are and understand how they want to use the service.”

To succeed with self-service, the service desk cannot simply implement the portal and do nothing more. It is important to continue to work with your customers to ensure they are aware that there is an alternative channel through which they can log their issue, and to some extent, do so more efficiently. You should also actively seek out feedback from customers, and use it to improve the portal for a better customer experience and to promote end-user adoption.

Mark says: “It is important to always stay connected. Make sure you are in discussion and that everyone is informed. Updating and educating people regularly helps to prevent user error and save time.”

“We’re now in the process of identifying customers that aren’t using the portal, going back to them and asking what puts them off using it. By finding out what they don’t like or understand, we can then discover how we can help and encourage them to use it.”

Mark also shared examples of how the service desk promoted and marketed their portal, showing that creativity and humour can also be fantastic tools.  Take a look at the full interview in the membership section of our website.

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