What is Digital Transformation?

Posted on Friday 18 August 2017.

by Scarlett Bayes, Industry Analyst, SDI


Digital Transformation is a very broad term, and there is a vast amount of information available surrounding it. However, the problem has arisen where there is no clear definition of Digital Transformation; there is a lot speculation of what it means as a methodology. Simply put, Digital Transformation is the term given to the catalytic technologies that are making our jobs easier, whilst improving efficiency, productivity, and customer experience. Cloud-based services, automation, self-service, and Artificial Intelligence are all part of the massive movement towards integrating technology into businesses, products, and services across all sectors.

On the service desk, Digital Transformation can lead to an improvement of service quality, a reduction in costs, less demanding workloads, and more satisfied customers and employees. It can drive innovation, and can revolutionise the way people work. It seems that implementing new technologies throughout an organisation, particularly on the service desk, is no longer an option for businesses that want to succeed.




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