SDI Podcast Episode 5

Posted on Friday 20 December 2019.

At SDI, we love nothing more than putting a spotlight on service desks and individuals in the community who are doing amazing things! We thought… How can we create a platform to help share these fantastic experiences and journeys, often full of ups and downs?

Enter the SDI Podcast! Which is here to Surprise, Delight, and Inspire! 

SDI Podcast Episode 5

Join Scarlett, Senior Research Analyst at SDI, and Adam Haylock, Senior Solutions Consultant at ServiceNow, as they discuss customer and employee experience, how technology is playing a factor in shaping experience, and where we think the industry is headed.

Notes from Scarlett:

Experience, both customer and employee, is one of my favourite topics within ITSM. It’s brilliant that as technology comes along in leaps and bounds, there’s still a focus on people, making sure they’re happy at work, and ensuring they can work to their best ability. In fact, technology is fueling our ability to monitor experience and trend it to see how we’re doing and if we’re improving. The culture of customer centricity is likely to grow as time goes on, and it will be interesting to see how technology effects or augments this. Adam had a lot to say about our relationship with technology in the workplace and its impact on experience. It was really interesting to hear his perspective and talk to him about how organisations can leverage technology to enhance IT services.

Massive thank you to Adam for coming on the podcast and for having me at the ServiceNow offices (which are stunning, by the way!)

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